Monica Rico (she/her)

the head and shoulders of a smiling, dark haired woman against a black background. She is wearing a light green top and a black cardigan sweater.
Campus Address
Main Hall
Room 418
Robert S. French Professor of American Studies and Professor of History

Monica Rico specializes in the history of early and nineteenth-century America. Her interests include transatlantic history, the American West, gender and environmental history. She is the author of Nature’s Noblemen: Transatlantic Masculinities and the Nineteenth-Century American West (Yale, 2013) and “‘Don’t Forget This’: Annie Oakley and the ‘New Girl’ in Anglo-American Culture,” in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and the Frontiers of Transnational Mass Culture, edited by Frank Christensen (University of Oklahoma, 2017).  She is the recent recipient of fellowships from the American Philosophical Society, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the Bright Institute for American History at Knox College. She serves on the board of the Outagamie County Historical Society and is the recipient of several awards for community service and leadership. Professor Rico's courses include "Women in Early America," "American Environmental History," and "Introduction to Public History" as well as advanced seminars in American history.


Ph.D., History, University of California Berkeley
M.A., History, University of California, Berkeley, History
A.B., History and Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
Years at Lawrence