WELLU Mission:
Lawrence University will promote a collaborative approach to personal and community wellness through health promotion, educational programming, and service to the Lawrence community (student body, faculty & staff). The emphasis is on inspiring and supporting positive lifestyles, helping individuals and community achieve their full potential in balance and well-being by making responsible choices. We are committed to providing opportunities that facilitate and sustain growth in the multiple dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental, intellectual and occupational.

• Wellness supports the mission of the university
• Wellness focuses on moving towards optimal health and well-being, not just avoiding disease and dysfunction
• Wellness is a continuous process of education, evaluation and change

WELLU Vision:
Lawrence University will provide a campus community that encourages, educates and supports students, faculty, staff and their family members to live happier, healthier lives through optimal health and well-being by providing comprehensive resources and opportunities that apply to the many dimensions of wellness.