Arts Advocacy

Mission: Design and run your own creative program with the Arts Advocacy VASE Program. You will help the children at the Boys and Girls Club gain a greater access to the arts through representing and educating on different art forms (dance, art, music, theatre etc.). More info is available on the program flyer.

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Equal Access to Education

The Equal Access to Education VASE Program will provide Lawrentians with a service-based experience that will 1). help Lawrentians articulate why ensuring equal access to education is important, 2). understand the privilege students have in their journey within the various systems of education 3) create a proposal for a project/program that helps ensure access to Education. This program hopes to spark a large conversation about an individual’s most basic right to a free and quality education. The essential question we will work around is: Why Education? There are no requirements of Lawrence students, but please come in eager to learn about how students are learning!

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Public Health

The Public Health VASE program seeks to connect students with interest in any of the allied health professions with the opportunity to volunteer, the motivation to do so, and the resources for understanding and maximizing the positive impact.

Viking Ambassadors will partner with the City of Appleton’s Health Department to create an intervention program for an epidemic impacting many local teenagers – vaping. Students will be trained to provide outreach in local public schools. In addition, each week they will meet to develop their understanding of what it is to be a compassionate health professional through articles, speakers, and discussion.

Will you be there?

Volunteering outings will be scheduled on weekdays for one to two hours.  Group meetings will occur weekly in Andrew Commons on Monday nights at 6 pm.

This schedule is subject to changes:
Week 3: Introductions
Week 4: Orientation and public health training
Week 5: Weekly discussion and volunteering
Week 6: Weekly discussion and volunteering
Week 7: Weekly discussion and volunteering
Week 8: Weekly discussion and volunteering
Week 9: Weekly discussion and volunteering
Week 10: Celebration

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Animal Welfare

Through community engagement and discussions, Lawrentians will have an in-depth learning experience about Animal Welfare in the Fox Valley area and Animal Welfare issues at large. By the end of the program, individuals will understand issues of Animal Welfare, how to address said issues, and the importance of volunteering with animals.

Viking Ambassadors will meet each Saturday for roughly 2 hours and explore various volunteer opportunities and Animal Welfare issues. There will also be a reading period trip to an animal sanctuary for an extended stay with animals and a more in-depth experience.

Applications are currently closed for this program.

Environment and Sustainability

The mission of the program is to help first year Lawrence student gain a local and a global perspective on sustainability issues through volunteering at local farms, attending a sustainability summit, and talking to professionals. Click here for additional information.


Applications are currently closed for this program.

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing VASE program seeks to educate first year students about issues of homelessness in the Fox Valley. By partnering with nonprofit organizations such as Pillars, Harbor House and Habitat for Humanity, students will understand the different stages of the homeless continuum. Our goals are to connect Lawrentians to ongoing community service, inspire individuals to serve creatively, and advocate for social issues students deeply care about. Weekly dinner meetings will be held on Mondays and regular volunteer opportunities will be held on Fridays and Saturdays.

This schedule is subject to changes
Week 1: Getting to know each other. Express your desires, thoughts and goals for this program
Week 2: Volunteer Orientation from Pillars
Week 3: Serving dinner at the Pillars Adult and Family Shelter
Week 4: Harbor House Domestic Violence Program Speaker’s presentation
Week 5: A group volunteer project at Harbor House
Week 6: Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Week 7: Celebrate your personal growth and impacts on community!

Contact Shirley Xu with any questions.

Applications are currently closed for this program.