VASE- Viking ambassadors in service and engageent

Environment and Sustainability (Spring Term)

The Environment and Sustainability VASE program is designed to help students become better, more informed, advocates for the environment. With the help of guest speakers, we will discuss a range of environmental topics including intersectionality, sustainable agriculture, food waste, and climate change. We will also learn about ways to get involved on campus and in the greater Fox Valley area, once it is safe to do so. At the end of the program, students will design a small project that promotes sustainability in their own home, in their community, or on campus. This will be a fun, low commitment way to meet students with similar interests. See you there! 

Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: Anti-Racism training
Week 3: Introduce topics and movie screening
Week 4: Guest speaker
Week 5: Guest speaker
Week 6: Guest speaker and project planning
Week 7: Project work week
Week 8: Present projects and celebration!

Schedule is subject to change. 

Please reach out to Ellen Teerink with any questions!

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Equal Access to Education (Spring Term)

The Equal Access to Education VASE Program will provide Lawrentians with a service-based experience that will further their understandings of the inequities present in the current American education system. This program hopes to spark a conversation about an individual’s most basic right to a free and quality education. 

This program is for any student interested in furthering their understanding of education and being part of a community of service. We will meet on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. for roughly an hour during Spring Term. During these meetings, we will discuss some big questions: Why is education so valuable? What are the barriers that exist in the U.S. education system? How do we volunteer ethically? How do we promote equity within schools?

The latter half of the program will be largely participant-driven with the opportunity to learn about writing grants or developing a service project relevant to equal access to education.

Week 1 — Introductions
Week 2 — Anti-Racism Training and Ethical Volunteering Discussion
Week 3 — Community Speaker
Week 4 — Community Speaker
Week 5 — Project Brainstorming
Week 6 — Project Work
Week 7 — Grant-Writing Workshop
Week 8 — Celebrate!

Any Lawrentian interested in learning more about the power of education and their potential role in promoting equitable education to all should consider applying!

Contact Molly Ruffing with any questions. 

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Child Advocacy (Spring Term)

During the Child Advocacy VASE Program, you will learn and work alongside Lawrentians who are passionate about the wellbeing of children. This program is designed for students who are interested in working with children or who simply have kids in their life that they care about. We will meet weekly to discuss topics like child development, ethical volunteering, and how to get more involved with youth advocacy in the Appleton community. At the end of the term, we will work on a service project for Edison Elementary students and put the knowledge that we have learned to use! We hope to see you there! Schedule is subject to change.

Week 1: Introductions, why child advocacy?
Week 2: Ethical Volunteer Training
Week 3: Anti-Racism Training
Week 4: Guest Speaker
Week 5: Work on event plan
Week 6: Lead an event for Edison students
Week 7: Make a plan for future service
Week 8: Celebration!

Please contact Morgan Fisher with any questions.

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Arts Advocacy (Winter Term)

Participants of the Arts Advocacy VASE Program will work together to design their own framework for a volunteer/engagement program related to art forms of the participants’ choice. VASE will provide Lawrentains with tools, instruction, and experiences throughout the 8 week program that will enable them to organize successful outreach opportunities while forming a community with other VASE members. The time commitment for VASE includes 1 hour long meeting or activity each week, plus as much time as you wish to spend working on your own program outside of meetings. Weekly meeting time will be flexible according to the schedules of participants!

Week 3: Introductions and arts related mindfulness activity
Week 4: How to plan outreach events/volunteer programs 101
Week 5: Anti-Racism Training
Week 6: Guest speaker
Week 7: Brainstorm ideas for potential programs with group and discussion about needs and barriers involving arts advocacy
Week 8: Work on program ideas with group
Week 9: Possible community organization partnership/group discussion
Week 10: Present program proposals/Reflection

Contact Lexie Livingood with any questions.

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Animal Welfare (Winter Term)

The Animal Welfare VASE program allows students to learn the basics of vital volunteering skills in the context of Animal Welfare in the Fox Valley area and beyond. There will be workshops, community speakers, and group discussions about a variety of animal welfare topics and opportunities. By the end of the program, individuals will understand issues of Animal Welfare, how to address said issues, and the importance of volunteering with animals.

We will meet once a week for roughly 2 hours, time TBD.

Week 1: Get to know each other
Week 2: Grant Writing Workshop
Week 3: Community Partner Speaking
Week 4: Anti-Racism training
Week 5: Animal Advocate monthly meeting
Week 6: Free week
Week 7: Ethical Volunteer training
Week 8: Celebration!

Contact Anna White with any questions. 

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Fair Housing (Winter Term)

The Fair Housing VASE program seeks to educate first year students about issues of homelessness in the Fox Valley. Although in person volunteering is limited for now, VASE aims to equip Lawrentians with information about how to advocate for social issues you deeply care about in creative ways. You will also have the chance to design a small program for the CCE to experience what it is like to work in community engagement related fields. The local nonprofit organizations we will work with include Pillars, Harbor House and Habitat for Humanity. Weekly dinner meetings will be held on Monday nights. More small and safe outdoor volunteer opportunities are on their way if conditions permit.

This schedule is subject to changes

Week 1: Getting to know each other, express desires, goals and ideas
Week 2: Anti-Racism training
Week 3: Ethical Volunteer training
Week 4: Community Partner Speaker
Week 5: Civic Engagement Activity
Week 6: Grant Writing workshop
Week 7: Volunteer management training
Week 8: Celebration!

Contact Shirley Xu with any questions.

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