A warm welcome to the Lawrence family

I am pleased to welcome you to the Lawrence community! The beginning of a new academic year is rejuvenating for all of us who work on a college campus, and the arrival of your student signals the start of another exciting year for our faculty, staff, administration and students.

As a parent or guardian of a college student, you play a very important role in the transition your student will undergo. Although we focus a great deal of attention on individual students and their transition to a new living and learning environment, I also recognize that sending a child to college is a major event in the life of other family members. You undoubtedly are experiencing a range of emotions as you make every effort to “let go” so that your child can assume responsibility as a capable and confident adult in a new phase of life.

I encourage you to remain an active participant in your child’s education. The interest, encouragement and support you provide make a very big difference on those days when a paper is overdue, an audition did not go well, a friendship is struggling or winter in Wisconsin has become too familiar. Most important, I hope you will share in the joy and sense of accomplishment as your student sets and reaches goals not previously imagined or takes on a new leadership role that will impact our whole community.

This guide for parents is intended to be a resource for you both now and throughout the years your student is enrolled at Lawrence. I welcome your comments and suggestions about its content and usefulness. My staff and I look forward to meeting you and working closely with our newest Lawrentians.

Nancy Truesdell
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


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