Andres Capous '17

Andres Capous '17 student commencement speakerWe are proud to introduce Andres Capous as the Class of 2017 student speaker. He will play an integral role in our 168th commencement ceremony. Andres is an economics major from San José, Costa Rica. He came to Lawrence in 2013 and immediately dove into a position with Bon Appetit. He later joined the LU men’s soccer team and managed to balance work, athletics and academics while also living a vibrant social life. Four years and many milestones later, he will take to the podium at Commencement to address the Class of 2017.

Andres has come a long way from home. He has had to deal with a lot of rough patches along the way, but he has not been alone in that process; the people that supported him throughout his journey were the primary inspiration for his speech. “I wanted to give a tribute to my mom, to some relatives and some people that were very influential in me being able to finish high school, attend college and they’ve been supportive throughout this whole journey,” commented Andres. Speaking about the broader message that he wants to convey through his speech, he said, “I really want to make sure that we acknowledged a lot of the folks that work really hard every day and whom, at times, we take for granted.”

When talking about all his accomplishments at Lawrence, Andres said his freshman self would have never imagined that he would have such a plethora of opportunities. His primary focus coming here was getting an on campus job. He got good scholarships, but knew that he’d still have expenses to cover. That’s when he started working at Bon Appetit. Andres encouraged his peers to really take advantage of such opportunities, and be proud of their jobs on campus.

His one advice to all the younger members of the Lawrence community who will not be graduating this year is to “dedicate [themselves] and work hard. Even if someone is better than you at something, you can always outwork them.”

We are looking forward to Andres’s address, and wish you good luck with his future endeavors!

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