Class Agent Program Overview

You probably know the Lawrence Fund is a critical part of the college’s success and financial well-being.  It provides funds for immediate use to meet current needs in virtually every area of operations, including financial aid, library and classroom resources, technology, and physical plant, just to name a few.

What you might not know is the class agents are a critical part of the Lawrence Fund’s success.  The class agent letters are always one of our most successful (if not the most successful) mail appeals, and are absolutely crucial in helping maintain our high alumni donor participation rate.  This says something important about how a classmate’s words and good name are valued by our alumni — you can touch your classmates’ hearts in a way we cannot.  That’s why we need you to take some time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and remind your classmates of the importance of giving.

Class Agent Responsibilities

  1. Make a financial commitment to the Lawrence Fund at a level that is personally meaningful.  Class agents set the example for their class by making consistent and generous annual gifts.  Don’t cheer from the sidelines—lead the charge!
  2. Write fund-raising letters to the class each year (one for Classes 2004-2013 and two for Classes 1940-2003), with assistance from the annual giving office.  Make personal notes on these letters—we'll scan your signature to save you time.  Personalization is what sets the class agent letters apart from other Lawrence solicitations and makes the program so successful.
  3. Sign and add personal notes on thank-you postcards for all classmates who make a gift to the Lawrence Fund.
  4. As needed, contact classmates by phone, e-mail, or in person to ask for renewed or increased support.  Annual giving staff will help you select classmates who would benefit from this additional personal contact from you.
  5. As needed, help annual giving staff to recruit additional class agents to share these responsibilities.
  6. Serve as class agent through your next reunion year, and (if necessary) help recruit your successor.

The class agents are an integral part of Lawrence’s current and future success.  The work can be fun and rewarding, and gives you a great opportunity to stay in touch (or get back in touch) with your classmates.  Serve your class, help Lawrence maintain the tradition of excellence, be a class agent!