The Lawrence Fund is the backbone of the college’s fund-raising efforts, providing dollars crucial to sustaining the quality of the teaching and learning that occur here.  As a class agent, it is your job to communicate to your classmates that annual giving to The Lawrence Fund is an integral part of maintaining Lawrence’s excellence. 

Your gift to The Lawrence Fund:

•  Provides financial assistance to students.  In 2011-12, Lawrence distributed $22.9 million to provide financial assistance to students.

•  Allows us to offer a “Hidden Grant” to each student.  Tuition only covers about 79 percent of the full cost of a Lawrence education.  Donations to The Lawrence Fund help make up the difference — this year more than $10,000 — between what the students pay and what an education here actually costs.

•  Keeps us on the cutting edge of education and technology.  The “extra boost” provided by alumni contributions allows us to keep up with state-of-the-art technology, teaching standards, and quality education that prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s job market.

•  Supports student-centered education.  Lawrence Fund donations provide students with unique learning opportunities — such as internships, international study programs, cooperative education, field and laboratory research experience, and learning centers — which enhance their classroom experience.

•  Strengthens our faculty and their teaching.  Contributions allow us to offer competitive salaries that attract and retain top-quality faculty.  They also allow faculty to attend scientific and scholarly symposia and conduct research.

•  Maintains 8.3:1 student-to-faculty ratio. 

•  Enriches campus life by funding guest speakers, films, recitals, concerts, and sporting events.

•  Extends the Lawrence experience by providing educational and extra-curricular opportunities that reach beyond the classroom.

•  Provides the same and continued opportunities for future students as you were given — helps them succeed as you have. Donor commitment and support allow Lawrence to continue its tradition of educational excellence that you received as a student and can now provide for current students.

Keep in mind:

•  Our strength is your strength. Your degree reflects the college’s good reputation.  Your financial support allows us to maintain the standard of excellence, which gives us that good reputation.

•  Someone did it for you. You benefited from alumni generosity and support when you were a student.  Alumni support helps keep tuition down and fund new equipment.  Today’s students rely on alumni like you to do the same for them.

•  Every gift to Lawrence helps.  Strong donor participation sends a powerful message of alumni loyalty.  Your gift can spur many more.