What is the Lawrence Fund?

It is Lawrence’s annual giving program, which enriches the life of every single Lawrence student.  Lawrence needs $3.8 million in annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends to fully fund the year.  The Lawrence Fund helps bridge the gap between what students pay in tuition and the actual cost of operating the college.  Without the Lawrence Fund and endowment earnings, each student’s tuition would increase by more than $10,000 per year.

Why is it important to give to the Lawrence Fund every year?

Money from the Lawrence Fund is spent in full every year, and consistent support from donors enables Lawrence to continue exceptional programs and reach our goal of meeting 100% of every students’ demonstrated financial need.  Your support of the Lawrence Fund allows the admissions office to accept the best students based on their accomplishments and potential without regard for their families’ ability to pay.

Why should I give to the Lawrence Fund?

Every generation of Lawrence students has benefitted from the generosity of the alumni, parents, and friends who came before them.  Today, there are just over 18,000 Lawrence and Milwaukee-Downer alumni in a world of almost 7 billion who can carry Lawrence forward.

Please visit our frequently asked questions page for even more information.

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Class Agents

Volunteers who encourage classmates to support the Lawrence Fund. Click to learn more.

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