Mark Breseman '78

Executive Director
Lawrence Campus Phone: 920-832-6519
Mark also serves as the AVP of Alumni and Constituency Engagement but still maintains a presence at Björklunden. He spends at least one day a week on site.

Kim Eckstein

Office Coordinator
Björklunden Campus Phone: 920-839-2216
Kim is responsible for coordinating the Björklunden student program and all of the group scheduling at the lodge (i.e. retreats, weddings, day groups, chapel tours, etc.)

Bailey Koepsel

Assistant Director
Björklunden Campus Phone: 920-839-2216
Bailey is responsible for handling the Björklunden summer and fall adult seminar program and for hosting visiting groups and houseguests. She also helps out around the lodge as needed and enjoys exploring the grounds when time allows!

Steve Martin

Head Chef
Björklunden Campus Phone: 920-839-9400
Steve is responsible for all menu planning and food preparation for all visitors and guests.

Mark Franke

General Maintenance Mechanic
Björklunden Campus Phone: 920-839-2216
Mark is responsible for keeping the facilities, grounds, and entire estate in proper working order. 

Philip Clark '15

Staff Assistant
Björklunden Campus Phone: 920-839-2216
Philip is responsible for directing all on-site aspects of the Björklunden student program during the weekends and also assists with other scheduled events that require meal preparation, cleaning, and guest engagement.

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