Net-Zero Björklunden Initiative

The Net-Zero Björklunden Initiative is providing Lawrence University, the Door County community, and the Upper Midwest with a landmark laboratory for environmental studies. Net-Zero Björklunden is creating a living-learning laboratory to test technology and give students and the public opportunities for learning about environmental sciences, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration. The project will allow students to study the effects of three energy sources—wind, solar, and geothermal—in one location. These subjects, along with Lake Michigan and the forest, will become prominent educational resources.

The goals of Net-Zero Björklunden include creating a net-zero carbon emissions educational facility that balances any carbon emissions with equivalent carbon savings on site; engaging students and providing professional experience in renewable energy; offering faculty opportunities to use the output from the solar array, geothermal unit, and the turbine in classroom instruction; serving as an important regional model of sustainable technology; and finally achieving a permanent and perpetual cost savings of approximately $35,000 per year through reduction of utility bills.


With Net-Zero Björklunden efforts underway, we've already made energy efficient upgrades to the lodge, such as LED lighting and new windows. Our wind turbine has been refurbished. We have also installed and are about to commission a 217kW solar array. Faculty and students are measuring the carbon emission offset performed by the sequestration (the natural removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) from the woodland on site which has been placed in perpetual conservation easement with the Door County Land Trust.

Looking ahead, plans are being drawn for the installation of a geothermal system for heating and hot water at the lodge that will significantly reduce reliance on heat from fossil fuel sources. 

If you would like to support the Net-Zero Björklunden Initiative, please let us know at 920-832-6843 or at

"Please join us in support of this wonderful project. We will make Björklunden better for ourselves and future generations, as we all become better stewards of the environment.”

—The Paulson Family