Lawrence Graphic Standards are official visual elements that reflect Lawrence University's brand identity.

They are used in all university communications and include logos, symbols, typefaces, colors and all other visual elements representing Lawrence. 

Why have a graphic standard?

Standardized visual elements help maintain a strong identity for Lawrence as a leading national institution. A consistent approach to visual identity also allows Lawrence to produce fewer alternative versions of materials. For example, it is more efficient to use one letterhead and envelope rather than one for each department and office on campus. It not only minimizes waste, it also saves time and money as well. 

Using official visual elements

The graphic standards identified here are official visual elements used for university communications. Graphics have been registered and copyrighted so no individual or organization may represent Lawrence without permission.

Official materials are designed and produced by the Office of Communications. Staff and faculty may download logos and templates for official university business.

Need design assistance?

Staff and faculty who need assistance with design, please complete the project initiation form to contact the Office of Communications.

Official Visual Elements

Find official visual elements for your communication needs below. 


Download logos for Lawrence University, Lawrence Athletics, Björklunden, Lawrence Community Music School, and more.  

Grab an official logo


Download templates for your university email signature. Instructions for Macs & PCs are included. 

Find an official email template

Business Cards 

See your official Lawrence University business card. 

View official business cards


See your official Lawrence University nametag. 

View official nametags


Learn more about how to format Lawrence University letterhead. Contact the Office of Communications to have official university-approved letterhead printed. 

Use official LU Letterhead


Where you are presenting on behalf of the university at a conference or simply sharing data with your team, you can download a custom Lawrence University PowerPoint template.  

Download the official PowerPoint template


Download templates and discover the best practices used to design your event poster.  

Grab the official poster template


Like color and logo design, fonts (or typography) are also used to identify and distinguish an organization. Used consistently in all university communications, typography assures that Lawrence is easily and quickly recognized. 

Explore official fonts

Color Palette 

Lawrence colors are as unique and distinctive as the logo. The university’s color palette features primary and complimentary colors and can be used in collateral materials, on website pages and presentations to visually enhance the Lawrence identity.  

Discover the official color palette

Canva Account

Do you frequently use Canva to make posters, banners, or other communication assets for your office on campus? Contact Technology Services to set up an official LU Canva account.

Request a Canva Account 

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