The award-winning team in the Office of Communications offers a wide range of experience and creativity in strategic planning, digital and print design, videography, media pitching and writing, and editing. We encourage you to leverage our expertise by meeting with us to explore your options at the beginning of your project.

If you're interested in working with us, we encourage you to contact us early and often.

Project Initiation & Services

Design, Multimedia, and Social Media Projects

Receive consultation and submit requests for graphic design, web design, photography, videography and social media services. 

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Print & Copy Services

Need letterhead or business cards? How about a postcard mailing or poster printing and distribution? Submit your request to Print Services.

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Event Promotion

Communications provides full promotional support for university events. 

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University Calendar Events

If your event doesn't require a room reservation, Communications can add it to the university calendar. Submit events at least one week in advance. Events may take 2-3 business days to appear. If your event does involve a room reservation, events will appear on the university calendar the next day after approved. If you need to change an event date, time, room, publishing setting, for an event submitted by room reservation, you will need to go into the reservation system and make the changes. For all other changes, use the form below. If you have a last minute change, please call a Communications staff member for assistance. 

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MyLU Insider & LU Events

Share important news, updates, tips, and thanks with Lawrence students, faculty, and staff. The MyLU Insider is distributed every Thursday during the academic year. The LU Events (an events-specific email newsletter) is distributed every Monday morning during the academic year. 

Submit to the MyLU Insider or LU Events

GO Links, Vanity Links, and QR Codes

Lawrence uses GO Links, Vanity Links, and QR Codes to make it easier for us to share digital content with target audiences where our medium of communication is signage and/or print collateral, or when we desire to track specific usage/traffic.

  • The GO system shortens web addresses for easy sharing (e.g., Once created, a GO link will be associated with the designated web address until no documented traffic has been associated with an event over a 3-year period. GO links can be used for internal and external URLs. We would discourage requests for specific GO link names.
  • Vanity links are used for print pieces where we are directing traffic to top-level marketing pages that will never change on the website (e.g., Since they limit our options for future link paths (e.g., prevents us from creating a web address like, their use should be limited. You can request a specific Vanity link name, but be sure to test whether or not it is already taken. Communications will set up a GO link at the same time as the Vanity link so that we can track the usage of the Vanity link.
  • QR codes are a tool for helping mobile device users access websites and digital assets without having to enter a link using their keyboard. QR codes can be scanned with a photo app on a phone and will bring up the link embedded in the QR code. We would encourage you to work with Communications to set up a QR code to avoid broken links, ensure tracking is in place, and ensure consistency.

Request a GO link, Vanity link, or QR code 

Name Badges

Name badges are available for all Lawrence employees, including student workers. The Office of Communications designs and orders the badges, but your department is responsible for paying for the badges using the appropriate account string beginning with 100001-XXXX-YYYYY, where the Xs and Ys are your unique department accounting strings. 

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Headshots are taken in the Photo/Video Studio in the lower level of the 1025 Administrative Building. To schedule a date and time, please:

Email Danny Damiani 

Important timelines

Timelines for projects vary depending on the type of project and the time of year the project is scheduled, however there are some general timeframes we use as a starting point. 

Project Type Approximate Time to Complete
Posters 3.5 weeks
Postcards 5 weeks
Programs 5 weeks
Booklets 5.5 weeks
Brochures 5 weeks
Invitations 5 weeks
Signs and Banners 2.5 weeks
Other print projects 4 weeks
Photography 3 weeks
Videography 6 weeks
Social Media 3 weeks

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