Kate Zoromski and Amy Nottingham meet with students to talk about mindset and motivation, values and goals, and how to overcome hurdles to your academic success.  They also teach sections of a popular course on academic success, which helps students make the most of their college experience. 

Kate and Amy can help you:

  • clarify your values and how they relate to your academic program
  • analyze your past academic performance and identify obstacles to success
  • develop an action plan for improved academic performance
  • make better use of on-campus resources to help you succeed

One-on-one academic success consultations are available Monday through Friday. Contact Kate or Amy for an appointment.


Kate Zoromski
Associate Dean of Academic Success
Library #228

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Amy Nottingham
Student Success Specialist
Library #224

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Academic Success Course (3 units)

UNIC 117 Academic Well-Being: Success Theories in Practice

This course is designed to introduce students to cognitive and affective theories that can positively impact success in a university environment. Integration of current theory and evidence-based research allows students to study and apply effective strategies applicable to their own academic lives. Offered every term.

Maximizing Success Video
Check out The Lawrence Minute clip - Maximizing Success