The Dean of Students Office is committed to helping you thrive outside the classroom by connecting you to the support and resources you need.

Please reach out to the Dean of Students, Dr. Brittany Bell, if you have questions or concerns regarding:

  • Campus life policies and procedures
  • Exemptions to residency and board requirements
  • Services in non-academic areas of student life
  • Campus emergencies and personal well-being
  • Involvement with Appleton emergency personnel
  • Donor funded emergency financial assistance

Report a concern, incident, or grievance

You can report a general concern about a Lawrence University student. Information will be shared with appropriate offices and staff for evaluation and follow-up. 

If you believe a student is acting in violation of any part of the social code or that student situation is evolving that may cause concern or harm to themselves or others, call Campus Safety available 24/7 at 920-832-6999 to report the incident or behavior. Incidents may be directly addressed in partnership with on-call Student Life staff. 

Emergency or crisis situations

In case of an emergency or crisis situation, please call 911 immediately then call Campus Safety at 920-832-6999 (available 24/7) to report the incident. 

Bias Incidents

If you witness or are the victim of a bias incident, please report it. Examples may include but are not limited to the use of degrading language or slurs and differential treatment based on identity.  Visit the Office of DEI for more information.

Title IX or Sexual Misconduct

If you believe a Title IX violation has occurred, including sexual misconduct, please file a report. Learn more about Title IX, and reporting sexual misconduct.  

Judicial Board (Student Social Code of Conduct)

If you believe a current student's behavior is in violation of the social code and that it should be addressed further, any faculty, staff, or student can bring the complaint to the student managed Judicial board. Start the process by completing the report form, and a representative of the Dean of Students office or other appropriate office will contact you regarding the next steps. When reporting on the social code, it's helpful but not required to refer to specific aspects of the Student Handbook as reference.  

Learn more about the Judicial Board.

Honor Council (Student Academic Code of Conduct)

If you believe a current student has acted against the academic Honor Code system, please reach out to and state you would like to file an Honor Council complaint.

COVID-19 Behavior

If you witness a student who is not adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and the Lawrence Community Pledge, ask the student to follow the guidelines and report here to the Dean of Students Office regarding the behavior of concern.

All Other Grievances

If you have a grievance that does not fall under any of the above areas or are unsure who to contact, please follow the instructions for sharing grievances in the Lawrence Course Catalog under "Petitions and Grievances."