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The Health Care & Medical Professions (HMP) community revolves around professions that directly impact the wellbeing of others, clinically and non-clinically. Whether you have always known you wanted to work in healthcare and medicine or are just interested in exploring related opportunities, find everything you need to learn more on this page.

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Career Development Resources 

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Workshops and Programs

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    Internship Spotlight

    Lawrence has existing partnerships with local and national healthcare organizations and companies. Explore more internship opportunities with existing partners.

    Get Funding for Internships and Experiential Learning

    As a Lawrence student, you're eligible to apply for funding designed to enhance your access to opportunities for summer internships, service or volunteer work, and/or research projects. 

    Relevant Student Organizations 

    Joining a student organization can connect you with peers with similar interests and goals. Get involved, learn, experience, and give back. 

    • Globe Med 

    • NeuroLawrence 

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    Alumni Connections

    Alumni can offer invaluable insights into your fields of interest and provide career advice to help you reach your goals.  

    These Lawrence alumni are currently working in healthcare and medicine:

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    Professional Associations

    Professional associations are a great source of field-specific information, career path ideas, and networking contacts. Examples of healthcare and medicine associations: