What Can I Check Out?

Members of the Lawrence University faculty and staff may check out library materials using their Lawrence ID cards. 

  • Books, musical scores, and government documents are generally due at the end of the academic and can be renewed then. 
  • Videos circulate for 14 days
  • CDs circulate for 14 days
  • Periodicals circulate to faculty only for 7 days.

How Do I Renew Items?

If you wish to keep an item longer than the circulation period, and if no one else has asked for it, please renew them via your library account.  You can also bring the item or its call number to the circulation desk for renewal and a new due date. Renewals by telephone are also acceptable, however, these materials will not show a valid due date stamp and will be picked up by circulation desk personnel if left in library study areas.

What If Something Is Recalled?

If the book you are looking for is not on the shelf, please check at the circulation desk. It has probably been checked out. If it has been out to one person two weeks or more, we can recall it for you. Videos and music CDs can be recalled after they have been out for three days. The converse is also true--if you have an item which someone else wants, and if you have had it for two weeks (or three days for CDs and videos), we will notify you and you must return it within two days. Materials recalled for reserve use must be returned immediately.

What Happens If Something Is Overdue?

If overdue books are still needed for your academic work, please renew them using your library account.  If you do not plan to renew them, please return them as soon as possible so that they are available to others. 


Books that have been left in carrels or on reshelving shelves will be picked up every day. If, however, you want to keep a book in a carrel for several days, check it out at the circulation desk. Checked out books bearing a valid due date will not be reshelved until they are returned to the circulation desk or become overdue.


Occasionally an item cannot be found in its proper place. In this case our staff will search all the logical places where it might be. Please, ask the circulation staff to initiate a search for the item for you by presenting your Lawrence ID card and item information at the circulation desk. Many items show up in this process. Sometimes it happens that an item cannot be accounted for at all. In this case we continue periodically to search for it. Some of the materials turn up, some can be reordered, but if it is out of print, it may be lost to us forever. If you are unable to locate an item, please inquire at the reference desk or circulation desk for assistance. If you are unable to do so, or are still unable to find the item, submit our missing materials form. You may use Interlibrary Loan for a book that is missing.

The basis for our circulation system is the Lawrence University Honor Code, which applies to the misuse of Library materials as well as to plagiarism and cheating. The Code states, in part, that a student shall not "in any way intentionally limit or impede the academic performance or intellectual pursuits of fellow students."