Submit this form to reserve equipment that's available to borrow from the Library.

See our equipment guide for a list of items that includes photos and details. If you have questions regarding equipment use or types, please call 920-832-6965.

Faculty who would like to reserve iPads or other equipment for their classes are encouraged to fill out this form before the end of the first week of the term they'll need to be used. iPads are available to students who request them independently after week one of the term to ensure they'll be available for courses that require them.

Are you a student or a faculty/staff member?
If it is for a course project, please indicate the course name.
Equipment Requested (check all that apply):
Call Cindy at 920-832-6965 with questions, or see the Equipment Guide for photos and descriptions.
Projector that is often used with transparencies.
Used with photo slides.
If this option is selected, additional information will be required.
Bluetooth pedal often use for turning pages in digital scores displayed on an iPad.
Use of the iPads is subject to approval. Faculty who need iPads put on hold for their students should include a list of your students' names.
What kind of charger would you like for the iPad?

Many students already have a charging cable and/or block for their phones that they may want to use for the iPad. Sometimes, having multiples causes students to lose the library's cables. Please select whether or not you'd like a charger. Keep in mind, we have iPads that use lightning cables, and iPads that use USB-C cables.

Subject to staff and equipment availability. We'll notify you to verify or suggest an alternate time.
Equipment must be returned when the library is open and cannot be returned in the book drop.
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