Frequently Asked Collection Development Questions

I am a student and I’d like to suggest an item for the library; how do I do that and what sorts of requests would be honored?

If you are working on an Honors Project or a Senior Experience, please speak with your advisor as they will be able to determine whether the item is appropriate for the library collection or if Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a better option. If you have a more general suggestion, please submit a request via our website. Material that supports the teaching, research, and curriculum are our first priority but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I see French newspapers and German newspapers, why don’t you have any Spanish newspapers?  May I request that you purchase a Spanish newspaper?

The French and German Departments have requested those newspapers and pay for the subscriptions. If you think we need a Spanish newspaper the Spanish Department would need to request that for us to purchase for them from their library funds.

Who decides what movies the library buys?

Faculty request most of the movies we purchase over the course of a year. We also purchase as many Academy Award-winning and nominated films as are available. The Acquisitions Assistant is responsible for ordering any other movies.

There is a book (or movie) I just want to read (or watch) for fun. Would the library buy that for the collection?

It is not out of the question. Please submit a request and we will get back to you. We will look at availability, cost, and appeal to the Lawrence Community at large. Chances are, if you want to read it, someone else will too. We love to hear what your interests are!

Do you purchase hardcover or softcover books?

When there is an option of a hardcover or softcover edition, we purchase the softcover.

Why do we buy DVDs instead of Blu-ray discs?

Our movie collection is for the entire Lawrence Community and because of price, and the fact that many students do not have the ability to view Blu-ray discs, we are sticking with DVDs.

Would you buy multiple copies of this book now before it goes out of print?

As you can see from our Collection Development Policy we only consider purchasing multiple copies of any kind of material on a case by case basis. Because books quickly go out of print it would be impossible to do anything else.