The Mudd Library has established a number of policies to ensure equal access to our resources as well as the safety of our patrons. Additionally, our policies are intended to provide information about the workings and processes of the library. Questions about a particular policy? Contact us!

General Library Policies

  • Temporary COVID-19 policies (until further notice):
    • As of April 4, 2022, the library will be open to the public Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Lawrence ID card will be required to enter the building in the evenings and on weekends during library open hours.
    • Masks are optional in public spaces. Employees may require the use of masks in their individual offices.
  • Snack foods and covered beverages are permitted. See our Food & Drink Policy for more details.
  • Offices and lockers: Students may use the library lockers by first checking out a key from the circulation desk. Student offices must be requested at the start of each term. For both, students need to ensure that any library items kept in the locker/office are checked out and stamped with a due date. If this is not followed, the items will be removed and re-shelved. See the offices & lockers page for more information.
  • Circulation Policies: See the circulation page for a list of policies.

Additional Policies

  • Collection Development Policy: Learn about how and why items are selected for the library on the Collection Development guide tab.
  • Gifts and Donations to the Library: Interested in donating books, artifacts, or other materials, or making a monetary gift to the library? Look at the Gift & Donations guide tab.
  • Copyright: Interested in learning about copyright, fair use, the Digital Millennium copyright act, and copyright in the classroom? See the Copyright tab.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality- See the Privacy and Confidentiality tab to learn how the library protects your privacy.