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Seeley G. Mudd Library Social Media Mission Statement:
Participation in social media provides the faculty and staff of the Seeley G. Mudd library an important venue through which to reach out to our patrons and therefore another way in which we can carry out the library's greater mission statement. By maintaining a social media presence, our library also gains the ability to reach out to those who are interested in the library's services and resources, but not currently on the Lawrence campus, or currently a member of the Lawrence community.

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Events in the Mudd Library

The Mudd Library hosts a variety of events throughout the year. While the following list contains events that we host on a regular basis, it is by no means exhaustive. Follow us on Facebook or one of our other social media accounts to keep updated about all that happens in the Mudd. Click on the event titles below to learn more!

  • Welcome Week Open HouseWelcome Week Open House: The Mudd Library hosts an open house for all incoming freshman as well as a parents' lounge during Welcome Week. Our open houses consist of fun, crafty activities, games, and prizes, as well as tours of the library. We also feature a parents lounge- a place where parents can come to relax, check their email, and learn about the library while their children are exploring and getting to know their way around campus. See our Flickr page for pictures of past Welcome Week open house events.
  • Canine Therapy: During finals week of spring term, we host canine therapy outside the Mudd Library. For this event, Lawrence University faculty and staff are invited to bring their well-mannered dogs to share some snuggles with stressed-out students. See our Flickr page for pictures of past canine therapy events.
  • Canine TherapySummer Coffeehouses: During the summer, the Mudd librarians present on variety of library resources that we feel will be especially useful for Lawrence faculty and staff. These presentations last for 45 minutes. At our coffeehouses, we always have a snack (bagels, cookies, cake, etc.) as well as coffee and a selection of teas. For a list of past coffeehouse topics, see our coffeehouse guide.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day: In the spirit of pirate mythology, we annually celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. This includes setting out pirate-themed buttons, guides on how to speak like a pirate, and revamping our home page in pirate-speak.
  • Lincoln Exhibit and Other EventsAnd More! As an active member of the Lawrence community, the Mudd Library participates in a variety of additional events throughout the year. Examples of special events include hosting the traveling exhibit Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, dedicating the Katie racing shell from Milwaukee-Downer College, and hosting a reception during reunion weekend. We also set up displays in the library for events such as National Poetry Month and Banned Books Week, and National Library Week.