People and Groups

The people of Lawrence are what make it unique, and the spiritual life on campus has a presence as unique as the students and staff.  Staff, dialogue facilitators and student organizations work within their own faith and also build bridges among different faith practices to better understand the community around them.

Beyond campus, students can meet with a variety of spiritual leaders in the community.  

Spiritual and Religious Life Staff

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The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is housed within the second floor of the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, located at the corner of Meade and Alton streets.  Professional office staff includes the the Dean and Chaplain, the Associate Dean, the Practices Fellow, and the Administrative Assistant/House Coordinator.  We proudly employ students as assistants, specialists, and Interfaith Activators. Interfaith Activators assist the office in the facilitation and operation of a safe multifaith environment and serve as our link to students and faithbased groups.  Taize' Interns plan and lead our bi-weekly Taize' services that are held at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, Memorial Presbyterian Church, and All Saints Episcopal church.  

Professional Staff

Linda Morgan-Clement  

Julie Esch Hurvis Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life and Chaplain to the University

LMC - Dean of SRL

Joining Lawrence University in September 2016, Linda Morgan-Clement brings a passion for interfaith dialogue and does the daily work of encouraging the Lawrence community to embrace relationships within and in service to spirituality. As Dean and Chaplain, she provides direction in and around faith by encouraging collaborative approaches to weaving the campus community together wherever possible.  Creating a brave and safe space, offering pastoral care, teaching, ministering locally, and being a stable campus touch point are just a few of the ways that Linda serves Lawrence.    

Linda Morgan-Clement earned a bachelor’s degree from Carroll University, a master of divinity degree from Chicago’s McCormick Theological Seminary and a doctor of ministry degree from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


Terra Winston

Associate Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life

Terra WinstonIn August of 2018 the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life rekindled a relationship with Terra Winston, an alumna of Lawrence University. As Associate Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, Terra enhances the office by building dialogues across campus, providing spiritual care to the students, staff and faculty, and also bring a presence that strengthens the ideals of inclusivity and collaboration. Terra's unique role allows her to provide substantial focus and concentration as the liaison and adviser for campus student religious organizations, as well as those groups who are in a nesting pattern of less structured spiritual organization. 

Terra's degrees include a master of religious studies degree from the University of Chicago, a master of divinity degree from the McCormick Theological Seminary and a master of theology degree from the Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Amber Latimer

Practices Fellow for Spiritual and Religious Life

Amber Latimer - Practices FellowLawrence welcomes alumna Amber Latimer as the first Practices Fellow for Spiritual and Religious Life. As a former Director and Assistant Director for the Gap Experience Program at St. Norbert College, Amber has firsthand experience mentoring emerging adults and helping them navigate their transformative college years. Her dedication to serving students will allow her to focus on the impact of programming within the office. Amber's personal and professional travels have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, and Europe. These travels together with her life experience and work in therapeutic wilderness environments brings with it a balanced approach to global issues, a commitment to learning and educating, and a respect for the work of Lawrence and the Spiritual and Religious Life office.

In her free time she enjoys being outdoors with her partner and their dog, spending time with family, and catching up with her friends - many of whom she met as a student at LU.

Karen Brennan

Administrative Assistant / House Coordinator

Karen Brennan-SRL Admin

As a support to the Dean and Coordinator for the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, Karen began her time at Lawrence in February 2017.  She is a strong supporter of the many students, staff and faculty that come to the Center.  Being part of the 'student life' side of the higher education community allows her to contribute to the development of a person as a whole, which she considers important work that happens in a university setting. Being able to support those efforts through the lens of faith and spirituality is a gift and a privilege. 



Canine Companion

Mudd-a tan colored dog with lovely dark featuresAs a lover of walks, belly rubs, and squirrel watching, Mudd has found himself a splendidly happy dog within the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. While he spends most of his time upstairs, he always enjoys greeting students in the living room and finds fulfillment in bringing joy to all he encounters. You can find him in the building most Tuesdays alongside Amber, as that's his day to steal the show during Take a Hike - a walking program offered to first year students.




Canine Companion

black dog with pink bandana

As an occasional visitor to the Center, Etta has been visiting since 2017 and enjoys the lovely window views of the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, which are at exactly her eye level.  A little shy, she is never without her neck 'dresses' and sometimes tries to communicate with her doggie voice. She is up to three human sounding words and phrases. She tries to sneak time on the Center couches, but don't be surprised if she simply plops at your feet for a nap. Etta loves Lawrentians.  



Student Employees

Taylor D. - woman with brown curly hair and flower print clothing. Trees in background. Taylor DeCastro

Center for Spiritual and Religious Life Assistant

Originally from O'ahu, Hawai'i, Taylor is a first-year student majoring in violin performance. In her free time, she loves to maintain balance in her life by bullet-journaling, listening to music, and making arts and crafts.


young man sitting in a chair smilingNafis Ahmed Munim

Multifaith Specialist

Nafis is a first year international student with interests in computer science, economics, math and data science.  In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, competitive programming, and improving the elegance of his algorithms. He is also an economics tutor on campus.

Brown haired latina woman in pink shirt. A. Montalvo-MossoArlet Montalvo-Mosso

Pandemic Hospitality Student Liaison

Born in New York City but raised in Mexico, Arlet is a first-year student who is planning on majoring in biochemistry, with the hope of becoming a physician. She loves to take walks, listen to music, and spend time with family. A new love of tutoring K-12 students is also developing while at Lawrence.  

Brown haired caucasian girl smiling. A. LindleyAshley Lindley
Pandemic Hospitality Student Liaison

Ashley is a second year student from Denver, Colorado with a passion for writing.  Interested in being a counselor in a clinical setting, Ashley is planning on majoring in Psychology.  


If you are interested in becoming a student employee in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, please visit Handshake via the Lawrence Link.  


Student Organizations

A large part of the Lawrence experience includes being involved beyond the classroom, and student religious organizations are no exception. Support, collaboration and multifaith discussions bring the campus to a greater understanding of what spirituality can mean, and the many ways it can be experienced.  


Student Leaders


Regular Meetings





Leila Raymond, Eviatar Shlossberg, Frankie Sobel, AJ Ulwelling

Terra Winston Sabin House & Various Locations Fall 2020 TBD  
Lawrence Christian Fellowship Maggie Davis, Sarah Navy, Johanna Kopecky, Nora Robinson Alan Parks

Large Group Meetings

Women's Group

On Campus Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Athletes Bible Study

Fall 2020
Warch Center & Various Locations  
Lawrence University Pagan Society (LUPS) Shawn McCandlish, Morgan Donohue Terra Winston Sabin House Fall 2020 TBD  
Latter Day Saints (startup status) Asher McMullin Terra Winston Sabin House Fall 2020 TBD  
Taize' Fellow/Student Coordinator Linda Morgan-Clement Sabin House, MPC, All Saints Episcopal Fall 2020 TBD  

Spiritual Journeys - In their Own Words

You are invited to take in this collection of conversations and interviews where Lawrentians tell the stories of their own spiritual journey at Lawrence University.  Our hope is that this collection will serve as a catalyst for your  awareness and engagement around the spiritual elements of our diverse identities. 

Up Clothes and Personal - Faithful Retellings

Faithful Retellings is a spiritual outgrowth created by student employee Katie Mueller. In her passion and connection to matters of style, she combined her faith and the faith stories of others and shares their unique perspectives via her blog and also through The Lawrentian.  

sheejra_anton.jpgShreeja Vachhani

john newhall.John Newhall 

Cynfor LuCynfor Lu




Spiritual Lives at Lawrence

The Spiritual Lives at Lawrence vlog series is a collection of conversations with diverse persons from across campus in 2017 and early 2018. The Dean along with student filmographer, John Newhall, and other campus interviewers asked our conversation partners to talk about their spiritual and religious lives and how they impact their engagement with the Lawrence University Campus Community.

Tamanna Akram

Class of 2018


Kanyon Beringer

Class of 2021

Unitarian Universalism

Mark Burstein

Lawrence University President


Aislynn Friederichs 

Class of 2018



Leila Pertl

Instructor of Music, Lawrence University
Performing Arts Director, Appleton Public Montessori
Harp Instructor, Lawrence Academy of Music
Music Education Curator, Mile of Music


Mimi Padilla

Class of 2020


Julian Cohen

Class of 2019


Eilene Hoft-March

Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association Professorship of Liberal Studies and Professor of French


Keyla Higa

Class of 2020


Gabi Makuk 

Class of 2017


John Newhall

Class of 2019

Unitarian Universalism

Jasper Olsen

Class of 2019


Momin Panhwar

Class of 2021


Alan Parks

Professor of Mathematics


Brian Pertl

Dean of the Conservatory of Music


Jenna Stone

Executive Director of Budget and Planning



Kathy Privatt

James G. and Ethel M. Barber Professor of Theatre and Drama and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts


Martyn Smith

Associate Professor of Religious Studies


Timothy X. Troy

J. Thomas and Julie E. Hurvis Professor of Theatre and Drama and Professor of Theatre Arts



Andrew Mast

Kimberly-Clark Professor of Music & Director of Bands

Unitarian Universalist





EXPLOREsophoMORE is dedicated to enriching the second year student experience.   

Sophomores are at a unique phase in their academic, social, and spiritual development. Lawrence is dedicated to guiding students through each phase of development to encourage a well prepared and collaborative campus. By working with the dean of the sophomore class and other mentors, Lawrence brings a supportive and collaborative framework that encourages sophomores to be purposeful, balanced, and fulfilled.