Download Lawrence Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

Find yourself on Zoom more often lately? Here are a few custom virtual backgrounds to make you feel like you're at home on Lawrence's campus.


  1. Click your favorite backgrounds below to download.
  2. During a Zoom meeting, click the "^" arrow next to the start/stop video button.
  3. Click "Choose Virtual Backgrounds..."
  4. Click the "+" and select your favorite backgrounds from your files.

(note: not all computers or operating systems can support this feature)

Alex Gym

Ormsby Hall

Memorial Chapel

Campus at dusk

Warch from the SLUG garden.

Main Hall Cupola and the moon.

Memorial Chapel

The Memorial Chapel stage as seen from the balcony.

Main Hall

Students walk through Main Hall Green.

Teakwood room.



Conservatory Backgrounds

Central lobby at the Conservatory of Music.

Couches at the Conservatory.

Conservatory couch.

Mural in the Conservatory.

Practice Room Hallway couch in the Conservatory.

Shattuck Stairs Couch in the Conservatory.

Stairway to Office Couch in the Conservatory.

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