Bjorklunden Letterhead


Download Microsoft Word Letterhead Template


As a subsidiary, Bjorklunden utilizes its own logo and contact information. Contact the Office of Communications to have official university-approved Bjorklunden letterhead printed. A Microsoft Word version of the letterhead may be downloaded and used for digital correspondence.

Letterhead Typography

  • The letterhead text should be set using one of the approved typefaces according to Lawrence University’s graphics standards using a 10-, 11-, or 12-point font size. Franklin Gothic is preferred, although Georgia or Cambria are acceptable.
  • Allow two line spaces above the addressee’s name, title, company name, etc., and one line space above the salutation. In the body of the letter, add one line space between paragraphs.
  • The body of the letter aligns flush left to a one-inch margin.
  • There are no indentations. The text is not justified.
  • Allow three line spaces for the signature above the name of sender. The sender’s name and title goes below the signature.
  • The last line of text should be at least one inch away from the bottom of the page, if possible.