The Lawrence Graphic Standards was created to identify the official visual elements used in Lawrence University communications. These include logos, symbols, typefaces, colors and all other visual elements representing Lawrence. Together, these visual elements identify the college and should be used consistently to help maintain a strong identity for Lawrence as a leading national institution.

There are other benefits as well. A consistent approach to visual identity allows Lawrence to produce fewer alternative versions of materials. For example, it is more efficient to use one letterhead and envelope rather than one for each department and office on campus. It not only minimizes waste, it also saves time and money.

The standards identified here are to be considered the official visual elements used by the university that govern the development of communications in all mediums. They have been registered and copyrighted to assure that no other individual or organization represents Lawrence without our permission.

Although most official materials are designed and produced by the Office of Communications, staff and faculty may download logos and templates included here for official university business. No other visual elements, colors or typefaces should be used. For assistance with design, staff and faculty may contact the Office of Communications by using the online project initiation form.

Note: The graphic standards manual is no longer available in PDF format. Instead, the graphic standards has been broken out into sections here on the website. Click on the appropriate link to view the standards related to each topic.

The following section is currently being worked on and will be available in the near future.




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