President's Committee on Diversity Affairs

Five faculty members, one from each division and one at large (with one tenured faculty member serving as chair); the Associate Dean of the Faculty; one representative from the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs; the Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Affairs; the Director of Human Resources; one representative from the office of the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid; and two student representatives from the LUCC Committee on Diversity Affairs.  Other members of the campus community will be asked to serve in specific ways to help the committee accomplish its goals.

The purpose of the President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs is to foster diversity in the Lawrence community and curriculum and to help create a more inclusive campus community. Diversity brings us into contact with different experiences and perspectives, helping us to question our beliefs and assumptions.  An inclusive community, one that welcomes people of all backgrounds, experiences, and identities (or expressions of identity), is necessary for diversity to serve as a catalyst for learning.  Lawrence seeks to include people of all nationalities, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, religions, abilities or disabilities, ages, military/veteran status, and others who bring varied perspectives to campus.

To accomplish its purpose, the President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs will strive to promote in the Lawrence community:

• a campus demographic reflective of the U.S. and world’s pluralistic society;
• an environment conducive to attracting and retaining students, faculty, and staff of historically underrepresented groups;
• a curriculum that considers diversity and its implications for contemporary life;
• a co-curricular program that fosters inclusion and celebrates diversity; and
• a climate of respect for different identities and points of view.

To these ends, the committee will:

1. advise the president on matters relating to diversity and inclusion;
2. promote faculty and staff engagement in the recruitment, selection, and retention of historically underrepresented students, faculty, and staff;
3. strengthen mentoring and support to:
a. guide diverse faculty through successful reappointment and tenure;
b. promote the development of diverse staff;
c. foster the engagement and academic success of diverse students.
4. identify opportunities to integrate attention to diversity into academic and co-curricular programs;
5. raise awareness of the inequity and challenges faced by historically marginalized groups at Lawrence, in the Appleton area, in the U.S., and globally;
6. increase cross-cultural competency by sharing educational resources and sponsoring workshops, symposia, or events on themes related to diversity.

President's Committee on Diversity Affairs

The 2017-18 members of the PCDA are:

  • Kimberly Barrett (chair)
  • Christyn Abaray
  • Rochelle Blindauer
  • Rufino Cacho
  • Alison Guenther-Pal
  • Curt Lauderdale
  • Gerry Metalsky
  • Lauren McLester-Davis
  • Monita Mohammadian Gray
  • Linda Morgan-Clement
  • Pa Lee Moua
  • Najma Osman
  • Melissa Range
  • Paris Wicker

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