Lawrence’s Posse is a local community, which is part of a national movement of teachers, counselors and community leaders who identify incredible high school students and provide the economic and social support network to help them succeed at Lawrence.


Posse provides crucial support for first-generation college students at Lawrence, helping them navigate the challenges of higher education. The program offers full-tuition scholarships for four years and organizes students into tightly-knit multicultural teams with dedicated faculty and staff mentors.

The Posse Foundation Mission

The Posse Foundation's mission centers on the conviction that a select group of diverse, talented students - known as a Posse - can serve as a catalyst for individual and community development. In an increasingly multicultural society, Posse believes that 21st-century leaders should reflect the nation's diverse demographics.

The organization recognizes that the future of our country hinges on strong leaders from varied backgrounds who can collaborate to address complex social problems. Posse's primary objective is to equip these future leaders with the necessary skills and perspectives to make a positive impact on society. Through their efforts, Posse strives to create a more promising future for the United States.