Information for Tutors

The Spanish department welcomes the interest of potential tutors. We receive applications that have been initiated at the Center for Teaching and Learning, through the CTL’s director, Julie A. Haurykiewicz. Please, contact Ms. Haurykiewicz at: if you want to initiate the application process or have questions about the position, which are not answered in this page.

Requirements to be a Spanish Tutor

  • The Department welcomes the application of students in their second year of studies at Lawrence.
  • Native speakers, who have completed high school in their native countries, are  encourage to apply, and they can do so in the Spring of their Freshman year, for their second year at Lawrence, as long as they fulfill the other departmental requirements to be a tutor.  
  • All students interested in tutoring in Spanish have to
    • Complete a test
    • Have taken an advanced (300 or above) Spanish course at LU, and passed with "A"
    • Complete the grammar tutorials at U:\Class_Share\Spanish\Tutors\
    • Tutors may work with students only up to the course level they have taken at LU

Before being able to tutor for the department

The following are the resources used by departmental tutors:














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