In the space between conflict and cooperation, you’ll find international relations.

Examine pressing issues of international security, challenges of political economies, and the influence of international institutions. Learn how change happens in our ever-evolving world through studying economics, history, languages, public health, and more. You'll see the theory you learn in the classroom play out in real-world situations as you travel and conduct field research with faculty.

Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

International organizations, global nonprofits, multinational corporations, diplomacy/foreign service

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

international public policy, global affairs, international security, and international law


Global perspective, global experience

Developing an international perspective is valuable in our growing global world and prepares you for a wide variety of careers and future study.

Have classroom, will travel

Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, and Jamaica are just a few of the places faculty have led field research expeditions to connect academic practice with real life in traveling classrooms.

Learn from visiting views

You’ll learn directly from diplomats, including ambassadors and career foreign service officers. Each year, the Distinguished Visiting Scarff Professor guest lectures, works with students, and expands the campus’ understanding of international relations by providing a global perspective.

Study in world capitals like Washington, D.C. or Shanghai

Collaborating with American University, Lawrence offers a thematic program of study in such areas as: international environment and development, justice and law, Islam and world affairs, foreign policy, and global economics and business. Internships are also available at places such as the World Bank, Department of Justice, BBC News and foreign embassies.

Components of the Major

Introduction to International Relations

Theory of International Relations

Research Methods in Political Science

One elective in comparative politics

One elective in political theory

One elective in American Politics

Practice of International Relations

One additional course in research methods or experiential learning

Three additional electives in IR or comparative politics

Advanced seminar or independent study, which includes a senior experience project with an international or comparative focus

Course descriptions and more courses
Minor/major requirements