While there are plenty of political opinions out there, not everyone can explain, interpret, and evaluate the intricacies of the political landscapewhether that’s at the dinner table or in the classroom. That’s where a multi-faceted government education comes in.

You’ll explore political ideas of the past, present, and future in Lawrence’s robust program. Immerse yourself in the nuanced interplay of policy, power, and public life that governs our world. Explore issues that capture your interest through self-designed research, off-campus study, and varied coursework.

Kelsi Bryant ‘22 - Student | Government | St. Louis, Missouri

Student Perspective

“Lawrence taught me that University has the opportunity to change lives for the better, and I now participate in that work.” 

Kelsi Bryant ‘22, Graduate Student
Government Major
St. Louis, Missouri 


Unbagging First-Year Studies

Martyn Smith, director of First-Year Studies, unbags the 10 works being used in First-Year Studies during the 2021-2022 academic year.

Student writing in notebook.

Climate change, violence

Explore the security dimensions of global climate change, including both national security (threats to state sovereignty, territorial integrity, government stability, peace, etc) and human security (displacement, food/water insecurity, vulnerability, poverty, etc).

Hone in on your interests.

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Meet your government faculty.

Capitol Hill building from Capital Hill park in Washington, DC, USA

Be in the room where it happens

Study at the heart of it all in Washington, D.C. in collaboration with American University and pursue an internship that aligns with your coursework, or participate in study abroad programs around the world.

Shaun Donnelly, 2021's Visiting Scarff Professor, gestures towards the whiteboard with dry erase marker in hand.
2022 Scarff Professor, former U.S. ambassador Shaun Donnelly ’68

World-class speakers and thinkers

Through opportunities like the Povolony Lecture Series, the Scarff Professorship, and other guests and speakers, hear from policymakers, ambassadors, advocates and more right in your own classrooms.

The Chandler Senior Experience

The Senior Experience in Government will allow you to pursue a capstone research project, an academic internship in government or politics, or other culminating work chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor(s). You may pursue your research project through a senior seminar, in approved upper-level courses or independent studies, or through work toward an honors thesis.

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • Inquiries about Queer and LGBTQ+ Resources in Chicago
  • Confronting the Climate Crisis: Treaties, Trade, and Market-Based Implementation Programs
  • The Adoption of Federal Scrutiny by state Supreme Courts in Same-sex Marriage Jurisprudence
Grads hug during Commencement 2021

Government Outcomes

With interdisciplinary coursework, close faculty collaboration, and opportunities to personalize your studies, a degree in government empowers you to make an impact—locally or globally.

Are you interested in issues of conflict, cooperation, and change among international actors? Want to learn about comparative politics? You may also be interested in the International Relations major.

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