In the space between conflict and cooperation, you’ll find international relations.

Examine pressing issues of international security, challenges of political economies, and the influence of international institutions. Learn how change happens in our ever-evolving world through studying economics, history, languages, public health, and more. And see the theory you learn in the classroom play out in real-world situations as you travel and conduct field research with faculty.

From treaties to trade, discover new ways to understand our world.

International relations is a subfield of political science.

Work closely with scholars of international relations.

students visit Hong Kong for D-Term's class: Sustainable/Livable with Brozek and Balsekar

Have classroom, will travel

Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, and Jamaica are just a few of the places faculty have led field research expeditions to connect academic practice with real life in traveling classrooms.

Shaun Donnelly, Distinguished Visiting Scarff Professor, speaks to students

Visiting views

You’ll learn directly from diplomats, including ambassadors and career foregin service officers. Each year, the Distinguished Visiting Scarff Professor guest lectures, works with students, and expands the campus’ understanding of international relations by providing a global perspective.

The Chandler Senior Experience

The Senior Experience in International Relations will allow you to pursue a capstone research project, an academic internship in international relations, or other culminating work chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor(s). You may pursue your research project through a senior seminar, in approved upper-level courses or independent studies, or through work toward an honors thesis.

Recent Senior Experience projects include:

  • War and Politics: The Correlation Between the Vietnam War and U.S. Political Decision-Making
  • China and the U.S. in Africa
  • War and Politics: The Correlation Between the Vietnam War and U.S. Political Decision-Making
Recent graduates pose in their regalia for a photo during on Main Hall Green

International Relations Outcomes

Developing an international perspective is valuable in our growing global world and prepares you for a wide variety of careers and future study.

Are you interested in the subfields of political science, such as political theory and public policy? Want to study American government, comparative politics, and international relations? You may also be interested in the Government major.

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Unbagging First-Year Studies

Martyn Smith, director of First-Year Studies, unbags the 10 works being used in First-Year Studies during the 2021-2022 academic year.

View of New Cathedral in Salamanca in Spain from across a pond
Study Off Campus

IES Salamanca offers Spanish-taught courses focusing on Iberian culture, comparative studies of the Mediterranean Basin, and comparative studies of Spain and Latin America. The majority of students combine program courses with study at the Universidad de Salamanca. The program also offers education and political internships.

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