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Peter Blitstein

Peter A. Blitstein (He/Him/His)

Provost and Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of History

Peter Blitstein is a historian of modern Russia specializing in the Soviet period and the history of nationalism and ethnicity.  He teaches courses on all aspects of Russian history, the history of intelligence agencies and state security, and historical theory.

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Headshot of Jason Brozek

Jason Brozek

Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Government

Jason Brozek is Associate Professor of Government and Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs, and since joining the faculty in 2008, has taught courses on global politics, international law, US foreign policy, climate change, and environmental policy.

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Headshot of Dominica Chang

Dominica Chang

Margaret Banta Humleker Professor of French Cultural Studies and Associate Professor of French

I was trained as a scholar of 19th-century French literature and revolutionary studies. However, I love teaching all aspects of French and Francophone Studies, especially language courses, cultural studies, and film studies.

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Headshot of Professor Khor against dark backdrop

Lena L. Khor (she/her)

Associate Professor of English

I love reading literature: It teaches, delights, and moves me. I enjoy sharing my love of literature with others through my research and teaching. My research areas are human rights and humanitarianism (how to love and live with people) and environmentalism (how to love and live with nature).

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