The Global Studies major offers four tracks to focus your studies around a theme of contemporary importance: Nations & Identities, Global Cities, Human Security, and Arts & Exchange.

Nations & Identities

Nations remain a central form of organization in the global world. They lie at the center of our interlocking system of political and economic institutions, and provide the organizing principle behind national languages and cultures, ethnic identities and even sporting events.

Study the construction and function of nations, as well as newer, transnational forms of identity. Emphasis on history and government, with courses in literature, culture and the arts.


Global Cities

One of the central signs for globalization and even modernity is the importance of cities. Much of what is most exciting and new in our world stems from the cultural and ethnic mixing that takes place in global cities.

Study the history of urbanization and the global interconnection by understanding socio-cultural, economic and political complexities of the nature and evolution of major cities.


Human Security

Human security is the study of global violence through the lens of the individual, with particular emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized communities. It includes multiple forms of vulnerability and structural violence, including discrimination, displacement, genocide, disease, poverty and environmental stress.

This track offers students the opportunity to study global violence and human security through an interdisciplinary lens, with an emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized populations.


Arts & Exchange

One path to understanding our global world is in the artistic expressions (including literature, performing arts, visual arts and film) through which identities are staked out and claimed. This track offers students the opportunity to think about the arts from the perspective of global systems, exchanges and regulations.

Understand how economic systems, international organizations, the movement of people, and the commodification and commercialization of cultural practices affect artistic production, notions of ownership, and meaning across borders.


Track and Course Requirements 

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