Chemistry is the study of chemicals and how they comprise our world.

Considering they’re the building blocks for pretty much anything you can think of, from food to medicine to the shampoo in your shower, you could technically consider chemistry the study of everything. In-depth coursework deepens and enhances your knowledge of chemistry. As you grow in the major, you'll gain experience with computational and experimental work with advanced chemistry lab classes. 

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Alumni Perspective

“What I liked most about Lawrence was the one-on-one interactions I had with my STEM professors, especially with my undergrad PI that helped me understand the process of research and the process of applying to grad school.”  

Perla Viera ‘23, PhD Candidate University of Wisconsin
Biochemistry, Chemistry
Madison, Wisconsin


Stefan Debbert | Open Office

Lawrence students visit the office of Stefan Debbert, associate professor of chemistry, and connect on interests in and out of the classroom.

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The Chemistry of Art

Study the chemistry underlying topics of interest to artists and art historians such as paper making; pigments, dyes, and binders; photography; glass and ceramics; metals; and printmaking.

Read more about the broad array of chemistry classes available.

Explore requirements for a major or minor in chemistry, and learn more about double majors and certifications.

Learn more about the chemistry faculty and their special expertise in fields like environmental and medicinal chemistry.

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Chemistry, Geared Up

Expand your lab skills with Lawrence’s graduate-level facilities, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), liquid chromatography, Raman and IR spectroscopy and much more.

Students working in their pods during Introduction to Physics.

 Community of Chemists

Join an inclusive community of chemists and take advantage of all our new Science Learning Commons has to offer for collaborative chemistry opportunities.

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Hands-on Learning

Turn theory into practice with rich class and lab offerings. Synthesize new drug compounds in organic chemistry lab, or consult with a local business to solve a chemical problem in Instrumental Analysis.

Stefan Debbert, Associate Professor of Chemistry, works with students.

Show Your Work

Get opportunities to present your work at national science conferences, showcase the power of chemistry in the community, and even author papers for journals. 

The Chandler Senior Experience

Your Chemistry Senior Experience consists of a series of three seminars: Perspectives on Chemistry, Chemical Literature and Senior Seminar which requires a presentation based on research.

Recent Senior Experiences include:

  • Mapping Ozone and Methane in Western Pennsylvania around Natural Gas Wells
  • Lingering lead in today’s world: Lead analysis of water using anodic stripping voltammetry
  • Light! More Light!: An Investigation of Radical Photophysics
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Chemistry Outcomes

Lawrence’s American Chemical Society (ACS) approved program builds a foundation for advanced study and scientific careers.

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