Each year the Center for Academic Success employs around 200 peer tutors selected from accomplished students recommended by faculty.  All tutors participate in ongoing training and assessment to serve their peers effectively. 

The Center offers tutoring in the following areas:


Content tutors provide help developing skills related to specific courses. They work one-on-one and in small groups to help students understand the course material by explaining and demonstrating concepts, providing guidance through exercises, answering questions, and clarifying ideas.


Writing tutors are assigned to Freshman Studies sections and are also available to help with writing for other classes--as well as for scholarship essays, job applications, etc. Tutors can assist at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to proofreading, and are especially good at providing feedback on drafts of papers in progress.  Writing tutors can also answer questions about organization, style, and proper citation of sources. 

Oral Communication

Oral communication tutors are trained to aid students with skills such as:

  • Working on pronunciation, fluency, listening comprehension, and other skills with non-native speakers of English
  • Learning how to prepare questions for class discussions
  • Developing, practicing, and critiquing presentations
  • Developing listening skills
  • Reducing communication anxiety ("stage fright")

Multilingual Language Learning

Tutoring is available to non-native speakers of English who would like to develop their English language skills. The Center offers writing tutoring and oral communication tutoring designed to enhance students' proficiency and confidence in English. Please mention that you are a multilingual language learner when scheduling an appointment with a writing or oral communication tutor.

Quantitative Reasoning

Tutors trained in quantitative reasoning are available for all 100-level and many other classes that meet the quantitative reasoning (Q) general education requirement. Quantitative tutors assist students one-on-one and offer group study sessions geared to course assignments and exams.

How to Request a Tutor

Lawrence students seeking tutoring support for Term III 2020 should look on their course Moodle sites (or check with course instructors) for a list of available tutors. Students may contact tutors directly to arrange for tutoring. Alternately, students can request a tutor through Voyager here

Your request will be processed during normal business hours, and a tutor should respond within 24 hours. If a tutor does not respond to your request within 24 hours, please contact tutoring services via e-mail at tutoring@lawrence.edu.

Note: Tutor requests submitted after 5:00pm Friday through Monday at 8:00am or during academic holidays will not be processed until tutoring services reopens. It is to your advantage to plan ahead and request a tutor in advance whenever possible.

The Center for Academic Success provides tutors for Lawrence University students.  If you’re seeking a tutor for a K-12 student, please click here.

Tutoring Feedback

The feedback you provide will help us to evaluate the overall effectiveness of tutoring and better serve your peers in future terms.