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Hunter Dowds
Hunter Dowds

"In our intense academic environment at Lawrence, volunteering provides students with the opportunity to serve their community while also taking a break from their studies. I have met some of my closest friends while volunteering, who have continued to support and encourage me throughout my undergraduate career."

Hunter has had the opportunity to volunteer both locally and abroad; a majority of his work has been in the areas of scientific literacy and disease prevention.


Sara ProstkoSara Prostko '20

"Volunteering to me means many different things… giving back to your community, fulfilling a need that the community has made known… It's also a way for volunteers to gain skills and gain responsibility and to gain leadership or insight of what they want to do."

While at Lawrence, Sara focused her volunteer work on music outreach initiatives which brought different types of music to people who would otherwise not have had that exposure, as well as worked closely with Saving PAWS and other local animal shelters.

Since her time at Lawrence, Sara was offered a job at the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes doing volunteer management and volunteer recruitment. Through this, she was able to help create a new volunteering platform called "Meet the Expert" for the Girl Scouts where people of many different professions and backgrounds come in and speak to young girls, helping to expose them to different career areas they might want to pursue. She also works with Family Services of Northeastern Wisconsin and volunteers with the Trevor Project.

The leadership and problem-solving skills Sara developed through her community service work at Lawrence allowed her to hit the ground running at her current jobs, quickly taking on projects and initiatives with minimal assistance.

Sara emphasizes that organizations often want to help volunteers mobilize their ideas. She encourages college students to reach out to organizations with ideas they have to help their community as chances are the organization will provide the support the volunteer needs to get their ideas off the ground.

2020/21 Outstanding Volunteers


We would like to recognize the following students for making such positive impacts on campus as well as in the community:

LU Viking Volunteer Award:

Tee Karki

Emily Dorr

Allison Juarez Wunderlin

Laken Hairston

Lily Nittler

Nero Grok-Gallagher

Sabrina Salas

Artlet Montalvo-Mosso

Jojo Desir

Kenneth Penaherrara

Tida Ranumas

Jose Rico-Fajardo

Theresa Grube-Miller

Ashley Myhill

Service Hours Champion Award:

Molly Ruffing

Nero Grok-Gallagher

John Painter

Itai Bojdak-Yates

Tida Ranumas

Jojo Desir

Artlet Montalvo-Mosso

Katherine Costanzo

Marion Hermitanio

Kat Workin


Service Corp Ambassador Awards: