What is Ethical Volunteering?

Ethical Volunteering is volunteering with good intentions without aiming for personal gains, and choosing the right volunteer program and company that does not cause any harm onto the community it operates in.

The idea behind ethical volunteering is that volunteers need to make sure that their actions are of positive value to the people and communities they work with. To ethically work with a variety of communities means prioritizing the needs of others and treating everyone with the utmost amount of respect.

The Center for Community Enagagement's Statement on Ethical Volunteering

"To be most effective in creating positive change, volunteers should understand both their needs as well as the needs of the community to ensure a reciprocal relationship that doesn’t cause harm to the very population aiming to be supported. We ask that volunteers: serve with humility and put the needs of others first, be respectful and inclusive in that work, be prepared by conducting some research and personal reflection in advance and throughout the experience, and be accountable to commitments made."

Steps To Submit Your Ethical Volunteer Training Service Hours

Add service hours to your co-curricular transcript by participating in ethical volunteer training by following these steps:

1. Click on the Ethical Volunteering Guidebook links located in the sidebar of this page 

2. Carefully read through the Ethical Volunteering Guidebooks provided 

3. Log the amount of time you spent educating yourself on ethical volunteer practices in GivePulse under your Lawrence student account for service hours