Humanitarian Projects Grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for students performing service in the on-campus community, the Appleton community, or the world at large. The grant is to be used to subsidize costs for specific projects upholding Lawrence University’s missions of providing service to and learning from the community.

This fund is also meant to provide funding for student organizations or individuals interested in fundraising for a charitable cause. The fund is to be used to subsidize costs for specific philanthropic fundraisers.

The Humanitarian Projects Grant is supported by the LUCC committee on community service and engagement (CCSE). The CCSE is a made up of representatives from volunteer-oriented student organizations and members of the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE), and is a network that aims to promote volunteerism on campus. If approved, each application will be endorsed and supervised by this committee. The applicant will be expected to meet with the CCSE to approve the application and present the endorsed proposal to LUCC general council.

The student/organization is expected to communicate occasionally with the CCSE throughout the project, especially at the deadlines proposed in this application. When the project is completed grant recipient(s) are expected to give a report to the CCSE as well as attend an LUCC General Council meeting to summarize and advertise the success of their service project. Additional information and guidelines can be found in the student handbook.

DEADLINE: Applications with domestic travel requests are accepted on an ongoing basis until the Friday of 7th week each term. Applications with international travel requests are due at the end of the second week for Fall and Spring terms.  Grant money will be allocated by LUCC shortly after a successful proposal to the  LUCC general council. Applications submitted after this time will not receive the grant allocation until the following term. Applicants looking for funding for spring break opportunities must have met with a CCSE member or chair and have turned in an application by Friday of third week of winter term to be considered.

Volunteer hours need to be recorded in GivePulse.

Any questions can be directed to Yijie Xiang at

To Apply for Humanitarian Grant Funding, Click HERE


Thank you for applying for the Humanitarian Projects Grant. An email should be sent out to you within the next week inviting you to attend the next CCSE meeting. Good Luck!