Funding for Service

Have a great idea for service, but need some funding? You're in luck! Several departments at Lawrence provide funding for service projects - check out these opportunities here

LUCC General Fund

The LUCC General Fund is money set aside by LUCC for individuals, groups, or organizations to use for extracurricular activities. Students must not receive academic credit or honors for this activity. Most organizations apply in the spring of the previous academic year while individuals and groups are free to submit requests at any time. Apply here.

Alyssa Paul Maria Fund

The Alyssa Paul Maria fund supports innovative and exciting programming for the Lawrence University campus. Organizations and students that apply for this fund should have creative programming ideas that differ from commonly available opportunities on campus and should benefit Lawrence and Lawrence students. Additional consideration is given to proposals of a social, cultural, and educational nature. Please contact Campus Life with any questions. Applications can be found here.

Class of 1965 Student Activity Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide special experiences or events for students beyond those sponsored by the college or the Lawrence University Community Council. This fund supports campus activities that provide an active, constructive, and inclusive community. Application period is from mid-September to mid-October. For additional information or to request an application, please email

Humanitarian Grant

This grant is for students or organizations providing service both on and off campus. The grant is to be used for specific projects or ideas that benefit the community the student/organization will be working with. The applicant will be expected to meet with the LUCC Committee on Community Service and Engagement to approve the application and present the endorsed proposal to the LUCC general council. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until the Friday of 7th week each term. Applications submitted after 7th week will not receive the grant allocation until the following term. Apply for the Humanitarian Grant here.

Saturday Night Late Grant

Saturday Night Late is Lawrence's event series that provides students with activities, events, and entertainment on Saturday nights (around 10pm) throughout the term. The Saturday Night Late Grant funds engaging and unique alcohol-free late night events and are administered through the Campus Life Office. Applications are available here.

Environmental Initiative Grant

This grant is for students or student organizations to fund proposals focused on the environment. The grant is administered by LUCC's Environmental Initiatives Committee and proposals should be submitted to this committee. Apply here.

The Class of 1968 Peace and Social Activism Fund

This fund supports individual or collaborative projects by students and faculty that address peace and social activism in a historical or contemporary context from a local, regional, national or global perspective. Individual grant amounts will range from $500 to $2,000. The Class of 1968 Fund is administered by the Office of Development. For more information, please email Erin Chudacoff.

Student Sustainability Fund

This fund offers students competitive grants for projects that may consist of research, internships, volunteer or service projects, class projects, or student group initiatives. Applicants must be enrolled during the term of their proposed project. Students must complete an application for funds and identify a faculty or staff advisor to help track the progress of the project. After receiving approval, the student will have one year to complete the stipulations of their proposed project. Proposals will be reviewed by the Sustainability Steering Committee once per term.

Students should apply the term before they plan to execute their project. Applications are due for Spring term on Friday, May 11, 2018. Apply for the Student Sustainability Fund.

Lawrence Scholars in Civic Engagement

Lawrence Scholars in Civic Engagement (LSCE) is a program designed for students who are interested in exploring work in civic engagement, including: not-for-profit, education, social impact, cultural and political advocacy and the arts through an internship or volunteer opportunity.

Lawrence has developed partnerships with multiple organizations such as Carnegie Hall, KIPP Academy, Bread for the World and others! Also, if you have self-identified an internship or volunteer opportunity in civic engagement as described above, you are eligible to apply for financial support through the LSCE program.

Deadline for funded internships is March 4, 2018 and for self-identified internships or service projects is April 7, 2018. Apply here.

2017 (LSCE) Recipients


Rebecca BernheimerRebecca Bernheimer '19

Rebecca will be working on a research project focused on outcomes in patients with epilepsy and potential public health solutions. Her primary task will be to complete the research project through the point of submitting an abstract. The goal of this work is to come up with ways that OHSU (and potentially other healthcare providers) can better serve patients with epilepsy.

Samridhi TuladharSamridhi Tuladhar '19

Samridhi will be working at MEDEP in the Management Information System (MIS) and the Media Sector. She will be working with a project professional to generate quantitative report and collect data from field office, particularly data not incorporated in the MIS Database.She will also be helping the media specialist to produce communication products and materials.


Berenith Martinez WolbergBerenith Martinez Wolberg '18

During her time at the Consulate, Berenith will be serving as the Immigration department Intern. She will be going over immigration and migration case files, helping the head of the department with legal issues compromising someone's legal status in the U.S., as well as learning how immigration papers and visas work for Mexican citizens in the United States.She will also be going into courts to learn about the legal side of immigration, and to provide support to Mexican clients.

Julian Cohen '18

Julian’s project is to research, compile, and write a “toolkit” or some sort of guide that other activist groups looking to do work in sexual assault and domestic violence work can use to start similar groups of their own. He will be doing research into similar organizations that built themselves into national groups. Julian will be writing suggestions for how to shape their group, as well as drawing on the research he has done to provide a general framework for how to form a group and what steps to take to begin engaging with the community.


Abigail NorthAbigail North '18

Abigail will be traveling with a team of interns to Kigali, Rwanda for 6 weeks to volunteer for Health Development Initiative (HDI) on a sustainable nutrition/agriculture project. The project is centered on building mobile sac garden for a minority nomadic community with little access to any long-term nutrition source or education. Throughout this time period, they will also be giving presentations related to the sacs and nutrition/sanitation.

Hunter DowdsHunter Dowds '19

Hunter will be returning to Bir, a small village of Tibetan refugees, to provide immediate support to several tibetan schools in and around the village proper via hands-on-instruction in science, and to establish the groundwork for a long term rabies prevention project. He will teach math, science, and English at monasteries in the area and continue to develop a relationship with physicians at the local Delek hospital and DAR, Dharamsala Animal Rescue.


Past recipients

LSCE Summary of Projectsto learn about previous Lawrence Scholars in Civil Engagement recipients.

2018 Lawrence Scholars in Civic Engagement Program

Applications for the 2018 LSCE can be found here.


Students who will have successfully completed at least two terms of academic work at Lawrence University before the start of their proposed project are eligible to apply for LSCE funding. Qualifying students must be available the academic year after their summer of service to present to the LU community; graduating seniors are not eligible. Projects involving travel to countries that have been identified as unsafe by the U.S. Department of state will not be funded.

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