Funding for Service

Have a great idea for service, but need some funding? You're in luck! Several departments at Lawrence provide funding for service and internship projects. Students who will have successfully completed at least two terms of academic work at Lawrence University before the start of their proposed project are eligible to apply for Experiential Learning Funding. Qualifying students must be available the academic year after their summer of service to present to the LU community; graduating seniors are not eligible. Projects involving travel to countries that have been identified as unsafe by the U.S. Department of state will not be funded.  Summer 2021 application materials should be available every Winter term. 


More information about specific fund descriptions can be found below the application on this page or via the table of contents on the right of this page.

Experiential Learning Funds

Through the generous support of our alumni and other donors, Lawrence students are eligible to apply for funding designed to enhance their access to opportunities for summer internships, job shadowing, self-directed research, and volunteer projects.  Funding can help defray transportation costs, living expenses, and more so that students can pursue the types of activities that will expand their classroom learning and give them the opportunity to acquire skills that will benefit them in their lives after Lawrence. 

While the specific focuses of experiential learning projects vary, all projects must demonstrate a commitment to shared values of inclusive excellence: we can only become our best selves if we simultaneously contribute to practices that enhance all people’s ability to thrive. 

Applications open on January 1, 2021 and are reviewed in March. 
For full consideration, submit by Friday, March 5.

Before applying, please familiarize yourself with these funding rules and eligibility guidelines.

Experiential Learning Funding Application

The funding application form will be available from January 1 until March 5.  Until then, you may review the funding guidelines, meet with a Career Advisor to discuss ideas, contact Coordinator for Experiential Learning Funds to find out about previously funded projects, review the list of available funds, or attend one of the upcoming funding workshops.

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Andrew Family Fund for Career Exploration and Development

The Andrew Family Fund for Career Exploration And Development was established in 2019 through a generous gift from Edith (Edie) G. Andrew P’88 GP’10, this endowment reflects the Andrew family’s strong advocacy for liberal arts education and desire to provide all Lawrentians with opportunities to explore career paths and gain meaningful ‘real world’ experience while completing their studies. As a parent and grandparent of Lawrentians, Edie has been a generous supporter and advocate of Lawrence for many years. Edie served as a trustee from 1997-2015 and continues to serve in an emeriti role. She is a former member of the President’s Advisory Council and an always gracious host of Lawrence events in Naples. The Andrew Family Fund for Career Exploration and Development will support exploratory opportunities for Lawrence students including internships, externships, and entrepreneurial ventures.  Earnings from the fund can also be used to support students who need additional support for housing, food, and travel expenses while completing career exploration. 

Betty Heistad Barrett Fund for Excellence in Civic Service

Established in 2010 by Betty Heistad Barrett ’55 and her husband Edgar Barrett, this endowment provides funding for students to participate in unique and valuable opportunities to learn, explore and grow as individuals while serving the non-profit community. A 1955 graduate of Milwaukee-Downer College, Betty majored in occupational therapy.  After graduation, she spent a year in the Army Medical Specialists Corps, primarily at Valley Forge Army Hospital. Eddie worked in collegiate athletics at West Virginia University and Marshall University for many years before going into business.

Bread for the World

The Bread for the World Institute provides policy analysis on hunger and strategies to end it. The Institute educates opinion leaders, policymakers, and the public about hunger in the U.S. and abroad. It was created in 1975 as the policy research arm of Bread for the World. The primary objective for the internships is to provide legislative and administrative support to the GR policy analyst(s) responsible for international humanitarian and poverty-focused development assistance issues. The selected intern will receive a $5000 stipend for the in-person experience.

Brenda Giegerich Fund for New York City Justice and Immigration Internships

Established in 2019 by Brenda Giegerich '71, the fund will provide Lawrence students with summer internship funding for internships focused on immigration justice in New York City. Brenda Giegerich graduate from Lawrence in 1971 with a BA in Art, and in 1975, received her M.Ed. in Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For the last 40 years, she has pursued a career in art and has worked over the years in children's and adult education, and at various nonprofits whose missions align in their shared passion for the arts, education, and social justice.

Class of 1968 Peace and Social Activism Fund

In remembrance of the lifelong impact of their own experiences at Lawrence University and national and world events during the 1960s, the Class of 1968 established this fund on the occasion of their 25th reunion to help educate future generations of students about issues related to peace and social justice. Specifically, the fund supports individual or collaborative projects by students and faculty that address these issues in a historical or contemporary context from a local, regional, national, or global perspective. Example general areas to which specific projects might be related: 

  • Resolving discrimination of any kind (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity) 
  • Preventing bullying 
  • Eliminating income inequality 
  • Providing adequate health care, clean water, & other resources for healthy living 
  • Aiding immigrants or migrants 
  • Providing education to underserved populations 
  • Testing methods for integrating released felons back into society such that they can be productive citizens 
  • Creating methods for resolving homelessness 
  • Funding experts to come to campus to speak 

Dennis Huebner Pre-Law Stipend

The Dennis Huebner Pre-Law Stipend, established in 2000 in honor and memory of Mr. Dennis Huebner ’96, can offset or cover expenses related to exploring or pursuing opportunities related to a career in the legal profession.  Dennis Huebner of Necedah, Wisconsin graduated from Lawrence in 1996 with a degree in government and an intent to study law to prepare for a career in politics and government. Following his tragic death in 1999, an anonymous donor created the fund in his memory.

Eloise Frick Cherven Memorial Fund

This fund was established in 1993 in memory of Eloise Frick Cherven, Lawrence University Class of 1976, by her family, friends, and classmates. Eloise was a dedicated geology major who later earned a Master of Science degree from California State University at Los Angeles and forged a successful career in petroleum and environmental geology. The fund supports student projects and research with preference given to activities in the field of geology. Funds can be used to cover costs associated with research projects including Senior Experience projects, program fees, books/materials, or travel. 

The Equal Opportunity Fund for Career Exploration and Development

The fund will support programs and initiatives designed to expand and enhance Black, Latino, and/or first-generation students’ understandings of career options and to assist with the transition to life after Lawrence.  Fundable activities include: 

  • Job shadowing 
  • Informational interviews and internships 
  • Conference attendance 
  • Externships 
  • Entrepreneurial ventures  

The fund can also be used to provide students with additional support for housing, food, and travel expenses while investigating or completing career exploration.  The support is designed to alleviate financial pressures, remove barriers, and ensure equitable access to the pre-professional opportunities that can make a difference in students’ professional trajectories.

John & Barbara Knapp Fund for Career Exploration and Development

Established in 2011 by Barbara Knapp in honor and memory of her late husband, this fund supports programs and initiatives designed to expand and enhance students’ understandings of career options. The fund will support experiential opportunities for individual students including internships, informational interviews, and internships in a variety of fields. Barbara and John’s son, David, graduated from Lawrence in 1989 and serves on the Lawrence University Board of Trustees.

The John and Mary Poulson Student Development Fund

Established in 1993 by Mary Heinecke Poulson in memory of her husband John, this fund supports student service projects that address social injustice or raise awareness of grave social ills. Mary established this fund to cultivate future leaders in the Lawrence student-body and to make funds available for energetic students to pursue projects that address social issues. Grants from the Poulson Fund can be used for stipends, travel expenses, and direct costs associated with projects. Mary served as chair of the physical education and health department at Milwaukee-Downer College prior to joining the Faculty of Lawrence University in 1964. At Lawrence, she served as the coach of men's and women's fencing, men's and women's tennis, women's basketball, and coordinator of the Buchanan-Kiewit Recreation Center. John coached a wide range of sports during his lifetime, including the men's basketball team at Lawrence from 1968 to 1972. He is remembered by former students for his special leadership style that stressed academic achievement and character development. 

Jonathan Bauer Fund for Career Exploration and Development

Established in 2012 by Jonathan Bauer ’83, this fund supports programs and initiatives designed to expand and enhance students’ understandings of career options. The fund will support experiential opportunities for individual students including externships, informational interviews, and internships in a variety of fields. Jonathan graduated from Lawrence after pursuing a major in economics and an interdisciplinary minor in computer science.  He later earned his master’s degree in management from Northwestern University. In 2003, Jonathan was awarded the Gertrude Breithaupt Jupp M-D ’18 Outstanding Service to Lawrence Award.  He has hosted Lawrence students interested in consulting at the Deloitte office in Milwaukee and has also participated in the Lawrence Scholars in Business program.

Kaitlin Mahr Internship in English

The Kaitlin Mahr Internship Fund in English was established in 2019 in memory of Kaitlin Mahr, a member of the Lawrence University Class of 2009, whose life was tragically cut short in 2007 due to depression and an accidental overdose. As a student, Kaitlin was majoring in English, a member of Melee Dance Troupe and a LARY Buddy tutor. This fund will allow students to seek prominent internships in large and mid-sized publishing houses and other literary endeavors in New York, Minnesota, California, and elsewhere. Internships might also take place at smaller independent presses, or in new media, journalism, digital marketing, etc. Preference will be given to students who are majoring in English. The Kaitlin Mahr Internship in English will provide a stipend to cover travel and living expenses.

Kasel Trust

Florence Kasel was a Menasha resident who, having been plagued with health problems the latter part of their life, created the Florence Kasel Testamentary Trust in 1975 to enable Lawrence students to be of assistance to mankind through the development of techniques and training for the improvement of the medical profession. Additionally, the trust is designed to encourage individuals who might otherwise not be able to afford such medical training. The Kasel Fund supports unique research projects, medical field internships, and medical training (including CNA and EMT coursework). We aim to continue funding students for local opportunities; however, student projects, internships, or training outside of the Fox Cities are also considered if their project aim will benefit the medical community. 

Linda Mimms Fund for Mental Health Advocacy Internships

Established in 2019 by Linda Mimms '79, the fund will provide Lawrence University students with summer internship opportunities at a local, state, or regional organization working towards the improved treatment of individuals with mental health issues including schizo related, bipolar related, and other serious mental health issues such as the opportunities available at the Treatment Advocacy Center of Virginia. 

LUAA Bridge Fund

In honor of Lawrence University’s Be the Light! comprehensive campaign, the Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors established the LUAA Bridge Fund, an endowed non-profit internship fund. Internships provide students a valuable opportunity to network, gain experiential knowledge, and explore potential career paths. Non-profit internships are often unpaid. The LUAA Bridge Fund provides support for students to intern in civic engagement, education, social impact, political advocacy, and other areas while receiving a stipend to cover travel and living expenses. 

The Mita Sen Award for Societal Impact

The Mita Sen Award for Societal Impact was established in 2012 by Abir Sen ’97 and Crystal Cullerton-Sen ’97 in honor of Abir’s mother, Mita Sen. Preference is given to students whose project has the potential to impact society by addressing the demonstrated needs of individuals, families, or the community at Lawrence, in the Fox Cities, or beyond through volunteerism, entrepreneurship, or artistic or scholarly activities. Funds can be used to cover costs associated with Senior Experience projects, program fees, books or materials, or travel. For Lawrence juniors only. 

Perille Fund for Life after Lawrence

Established in 2017 by Amy Lind Perille ’80 and Robert Perille ’80, this fund supports the university’s efforts to prepare students for Life after Lawrence by helping them expand their understanding of how to successfully engage with career opportunities. Grateful for their liberal arts experiences, they are dedicated to helping build a brighter future for Lawrence. In addition to establishing the Perille Fund for Life After Lawrence, Bob and Amy are outstanding leaders within the Lawrence community. Bob has served as an admissions volunteer, a mentor for students, a class agent, an active volunteer for the More Light! campaign and a member of the President’s Advisory Council. He remains deeply involved as a member of the Board of Trustees and the steering committee for the current comprehensive campaign. Amy and Bob serve as Giving Day volunteers and game-changers.

The Povolny Fund for Excellence

The Povolny Lecture Series in International Studies honors the life and works of Mojmir Povolny, Emeritus Professor of Government, and Henry M. Wriston Professor of Social Sciences, who taught at Lawrence from 1958 through 1987. A longtime member of the Department of Government, Prof. Povolny taught courses in international politics, international law, and Soviet and Eastern European politics. In addition to being a beloved faculty member, Prof. Povolny, who was an exile in the United States, was an active member of the free Czech movement during the Cold War. The Povolny Fund for Excellence supports projects and programs that enhance the international relations program at Lawrence University, including but not limited to internships, volunteer positions, attendance at seminars and conferences; participation in field experiences; and research projects. The Povolny Fund particularly supports the additional costs of international travel. Awards from the Povolny Fund for Excellence are open to all currently enrolled students at Lawrence. Preference will be given to students who have a major or expressed interest connected to government and/or International relations. 

Sara Quandt & Thomas Arcury Endowment for Experiential Learning and Research in Public Health

Established in 2011 by Dr. Sara Quandt ’73 and her husband Dr. Thomas Arcury, this endowed fund reflects the couple’s appreciation for a liberal arts education and their strong interest in supporting student research and educational experiences in public health. Sara received her B.A. summa cum laude in 1973, with a major in anthropology.  After Lawrence, Sara went on to complete her doctoral degree in anthropology at Michigan State University.  Following faculty appointments in anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Kentucky, she joined the Division of Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest School of Medicine in 1994, where she is Professor of Epidemiology and Prevention. The fund will support a wide range of research and academic opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing careers related to the field of public health.  Funds can be used for travel expenses, stipends for work or summer research, independent study or Senior Experience projects, books, supplies, or any other aspects that would broaden and provide in-depth understanding of public health. 

Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant (SVOG)

The Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant (SVOG) is a program designed for students who are interested in exploring work in civic engagement, including not-for-profit, education, social impact, cultural and political advocacy, and the arts through an internship or volunteer opportunity.

LUCC General Fund

The LUCC General Fund is money set aside by LUCC for individuals, groups, or organizations to use for extracurricular activities. Students must not receive academic credit or honors for this activity. Most organizations apply in the spring of the previous academic year while individuals and groups are free to submit requests at any time. Apply here.

Alyssa Paul Maria Grant

The Alyssa Paul Maria Grant supports innovative and exciting programming for the Lawrence University campus. Organizations and students that apply for this fund should have creative programming ideas that differ from commonly available opportunities on campus and should benefit Lawrence and Lawrence students. Additional consideration is given to proposals of a social, cultural, and educational nature. Please contact Campus Life with any questions. Applications can be found here.

Humanitarian Grant

The Humanitarian Grant is for students or organizations providing service both on and off campus. The grant is to be used for specific projects or ideas that benefit the community the student/organization will be working with. The applicant will be expected to meet with the LUCC Committee on Community Service and Engagement to approve the application and present the endorsed proposal to the LUCC general council. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until the Friday of 7th week each term (international projects have different deadlines).Apply for the Humanitarian Grant here.

2019 Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant (SVOG) Recipients

Ishita AgarwalIshita Agarwal '22

Shakti Shalini is a small organisation in Delhi, India that works to curb violence, especially domestic violence, and support the LGBTQIA+ community in India. Ishita will have the opportunity to work with their response mechanism, which strives to support and rehabilitate victims of abuse, as well as their preventive mechanism, which serves to spread awareness and prevent situations of abuse in places that are at increased risk for such situations like slums and orphanages. Ishita will also be creating posters and art as part of their ‘art-ivism’ activism campaign to spread awareness in the general community.


Lexi Angemi '20

Lexi will be working at the Bubolz Nature Preserve assisting their summer camps. She will teach children and the public about the preserve and the environment by leading various outdoor classes.


Past Recipients

Click 2019 SVOG Summary of Projects to learn about previous Summer Experiential Learning Program grant recipients.