CCE Employment

The Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE) is the only department on campus to be almost entirely student-run. The CCE is run by 3 different teams with 30 student workers with advisement/supervision by 1.3 professional staff members. Some of these students work primarily in the CCE to promote volunteerism on campus, while others work with non-profit organizations and schools in the Fox Cities community to support their missions and serve as a bridge between the community and campus. 


Office Managers(3) work together as a student team to support the mission of the CCE by providing organizational and communication support internal and external to the department. You must be on campus all 3 terms in the 2020-2021 academic school year. We have filled these positions for 2020-21.


Under the direction of the Director of Center of Community Engagement and Social Change at Lawrence University and the Fox Cities community, develop a deeper understanding of a need in our community, assets and challenges of that need in the Fox Cities and potential campus-community partnerships. Leaders will serve in various different capacities at organizations devoted to that need/issue and contribute to the mission of the organization, understand the root issues addressed by the organizations and make connections between the needs of the organizations and the interests of Lawrence students through the support of a corps. You must be on campus all 3 terms in the 2020-2021 academic school year. We have filled these positions for 2020-21.


LU Math and Reading Partner programs are funded by the America Reads/America Counts initiative. Students with federal work study will be matched with youth at Edison Elementary School to support their reading and math goals. Follow application instructions listed in the position description.


Service Shuttle DriverDrive LU students to volunteer opportunities in the Fox Cities community. Most shifts will take place between weeks 2-10 of each term, primarily on Saturdays & Sundays. We are seeking regular drivers to commit to 2 Saturdays/month or those interested in being on ‘stand by’ for weekday requests or as substitutes for weekend needs. You will be paid from drop off to pick up and are able to do your homework in between driving. We will be hiring for these positions at this time.