CCE Employment

Did you know that the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE) is the only department on campus to be almost entirely student-run? The CCE is run by 3 different teams with 30 student workers with advisement/supervision by 1.3 professional staff members. Some of these students work primarily in the CCE to promote volunteerism on campus, while others work with non-profit organizations and schools in the Fox Cities community to support their missions and serve as a bridge between the community and campus.


Office Managers(4) work together as a student team to support the mission of the CCE by providing organizational and communication support internal and external to the department. We are currently not hiring for this position. Positions should be posted in Spring 2020.


Under the direction of the Director of Center of Community Engagement and Social Change at Lawrence University and the Fox Cities community, develop a deeper understanding of a need in our community, assets and challenges of that need in the Fox Cities and potential campus-community partnerships. Leaders will serve in various different capacities at organizations devoted to that need/issue and contribute to the mission of the organization, understand the root issues addressed by the organizations and make connections between the needs of the organizations and the interests of Lawrence students through the support of a corps. 


LU Math Partners, LU Reading Partners, and the Elementary School Newspaper programs are funded by the America Reads/America Counts initiative. Students with federal work study will be matched with youth at Edison Elementary School to support their reading and math goals. Follow application instructions listed in position description.


Service Shuttle Driver

Hours per Week: Varying hours
Wage/Salary: 8.50/hour
Employment Start Date: 9/22/19 - 5/25/20
To apply, please email and say why you want to be a shuttle driver.

*Job Description:

Drive LU students to volunteer opportunities in the Fox Cities community. Most shifts will take place between weeks 2-10 of each term, primarily on Saturdays & Sundays. We are seeking regular drivers to commit to 2 Saturdays/month or those interested in being on ‘stand by’ for weekday requests or as substitutes for weekend needs. You will be paid from drop off to pick up and are able to do your homework in between driving.


  1. Be an LU registered driver
  2. Be at least 18 years of age
  3. Have had license for at least 2 years
  4. Have a clean driving record

Application Instructions: To apply, please email and explain why you are interested in the position, how you meet the qualifications required, and how often you would like to drive. We are almost always hiring for this position.


Read what these students have to say about working in the CCE:

"Service has continually put  my academic and personal goals in perspective for me. Attending a private university is a privilege not many people have access to and being involved in the community  has made me passionate about bridging those tow entities together - whether through raising awareness about the different communities in need of educating others to create accessibility to knowledge they don't already have. And I have been very lucky that my involvement in service event helped lead me to the realization of the future work I would love to do with youth of color and promoting their growth and resilience."

~Claudia Loza, '18, OLAS Coordinator 2017-2018


"Working at the CCE has allowed me to break out of the Lawrence bubble and see some of the serious issues our community faces. As the Fair Housing and Hunger Program coordinator, I have been able to see how many people homelessness and hunger affects. The CCE has enabled me to help these people and create positive change in the community. The CCE has provided me with the best experience I have had thus far at Lawrence."

~Lewis Berger, '18, Fair Housing and Hunger Program Coordinator 2016-2017


"I've been working in the CCE for 2 years now and I'm excited to be returning for a 3rd. Working in the CCE allows me to really get involved in our community and advocate for children and families, even as a student. I've learned so much through my work, both on campus and in the community, and I love being able to explore my interests and serve at the same time."

    ~Abbey Bowen, '18, LARY Buddy Coordinator 2016-2017


"The CCE is the best job that I have had on campus till date. It has such a great community of students dedicated to service and social justice which creates a great work environment. The CCE has also shaped the person I am today as it allows me to explore my interests through the realms of volunteerism and service. I have definitely grown as a student and an individual being a part of the CCE team!"

~Jaime Gonzalez, '16, Resource and Diversity Coordinator 2014-2015


"This is my first year working at the CCE and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Not only have I had the opportunity to develop new skills but I have also had the chance to pursue my passion. For instance, with the support of Kristi Hill, other Lawrence students and I have had the amazing opportunity to start our own support group, HOLAS, for Latino teens at Roosevelt Middle School. The goal of our group is to empower these teens and help them understand that they have a voice and can make a difference in the world. So far, it has been a very rewarding and amazing experience working with the group. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us!"

~Araceli Mena '16, Communications Coordinator 2014-2015