Lawrence University is committed to preparing “students for lives of achievement, responsible and meaningful citizenship, lifelong learning, and personal fulfillment.”

The Center for Community Engagement and Social Change (CCE) aims to support this commitment by meeting and working with students to encourage critical thought and reflection on the purpose, responsibility, and potential for lifelong learning through service and engagement within the context of a Lawrence University education.

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Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians enjoy careers in...

AmeriCorps, education, social work, community organizing, data analyst, dentistry, dog training

Recent employers include...

AmeriCorps, NAMI Fox Valley, Boys and Girls Club, Muchin College Prep, Fox Valley Literacy, Habitat for Humanity, Kimberly High School, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor

The CCE teaches skills like...

Communication, education, ethical volunteering, organization, responsibility, problem solving, community engagment, social activism, managing interpersonal relationships, leadership, teamwork


Visit GivePulse to find volunteer opportunities!

Visit our GivePulse page.

We use a website called GivePulse to track the volunteer hours for Lawrentians. Using GivePulse, we are able to easily set up volunteer events that Lawrentians can register for and it helps us publicize upcoming volunteer opportunities. GivePulse also allows us to record information about what community organizations Lawrentians are serving with, how many hours Lawrentians serve, and what campus groups volunteer the most. Lawrence also uses GivePulse to put your volunteer hours on your co-curricular record.


Viking Ambassadors in Service and Engagement (VASE)

Viking Ambassadors in Service and Engagement (VASE) aims to get first year students volunteering, making connections, and learning about issues in the Fox Valley community. Each of our six issue areas will run a version of this program. Applications for our Spring term programs are due by 8 am on Wednesday, March 27.

Winter Term Programs

Elder Advocacy
• Fair Housing and Hunger

Spring Term Programs

Arts Advocacy
Pre-Health Community Engagement


VASE Requirements

• Volunteers will commit to volunteer 1-4 hours weekly for the duration of the program
• Volunteers will attend a training and orientation session before volunteering begins
• Volunteers will attend an education session on their area of interest
• Volunteers will attend a recognition/celebration event at the end of the term
Volunteers will be present for all scheduled volunteer opportunities unless communicated with their program leader at least 48 hours in advance with a valid reason. Sudden illness is, of course, excused but should still be communicated in advance when possible.


On-Campus Service Organizations

Visit the campus organization directory and click "community service," "social justice," or something more specific like "environmental"  to learn about students interested in working together to serve the community.

Volunteer of Note

Hunter DowdsHunter Dowds

"In our intense academic environment at Lawrence, volunteering provides students with the opportunity to serve their community while also taking a break from their studies. I have met some of my closest friends while volunteering, who have continued to support and encourage me throughout my undergraduate career."

Hunter has had the opportunity to volunteer both locally and abroad; a majority of his work has been in the areas of scientific literacy and disease prevention.

Lawrence Scholars in Civic Engagement

Lawrence Scholars in Civic Engagement is a program designed for students who are interested in exploring work in civic engagement.

Visit this page for more information.

Recent projects include:


Internship at Appleton Health Department

Working at Sustainable Lawrence University Garden

Working at MEDEP in the Management Information System and the Media Sector

Interning at the Public Health Delivery Innovations and Community Medicine program in Delhi, India

Volunteering for Health Development Initiative in Kigali, Rwanda

CCE Student Staff

Papo (Carlos A) Morales '21, Service Corps Access to Education Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Papo (Carlos A.) Morales and I am currently a Sophomore at Lawrence University. I am a History major with a Latin American Studies minor and am from Brooklyn, New York. Some of my favorite things to do include binge watching shows, public speaking , playing UNO and spending time with family and friends! I am currently involved with a couple of organizations on campus which include the Black Student Union, Men of Color Alliance and RISEUP, which is an college access organization that I am the Co-President of. I look forward to helping local Appleton students from kindergarten to the 12th grade with accessing the education and college that they deserve.


Vicky LiangWeiqi Liang '19, Service Corps Elder Advocacy Program Coordinator

Hello! My name is Weiqi (Pounced: “Vicky”), a senior, studying in Philosophy and minor in Gender Studies. I was born in Guangdong, China, but I moved to SF when I was 15. I was raised by my grandparents, which motivated me to work with elderly since high school. I am so excited to work for the CCE as the Elder Advocacy program coordinator this year. Volunteerism as a way to giving back to the community and collaborating altogether so I want to encourage everyone to volunteer and learn the community. I could see myself beyond volunteer and make some many different impact in the community, and join us today and make friends that might have the same interest as you.



Barbara Espinosa '20, Service Corps Fair Housing & Hunger Program Coordinator

My name is Barbara Espinosa, I am a junior and I want to major in Anthropology and Economics. I like to play soccer, read, dance and I love to ride horses. I am a member of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, I am a part of the Lawrence University Women's Soccer Team and I am the Public Relations Officer for the Student Ambassador Program.
In the CCE, I am the service corp for Fair Housing and Hunger, which means I connect Lawrence students with organizations that help with fair housing and hunger issues in the Fox Valley. It is a very exciting job, the best part of it is that I get to know and help a lot of people.


Alexis ShannonAlexis Shannon '20, Office Manager

Hi! My name is Alexis. I am from right here in Appleton, Wisconsin. I am a Psychology major with an Art History minor. I am a member of the women's tennis team and a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma. In my free time you can find me reading a book by my favorite author Stephen King, cuddling my kitty Cole, on the courts or hiding in my room watching Netflix. During the summer I spend most of my time volunteering with several organizations including Camp Hope and Miracle League.  I am so excited to be part of the CCE team for another year.





Angela CaraballoAngie Caraballo '21, Office Manager

Hey, my name is Angela Caraballo. Coming all the way from the Bronx, New York I am a sophomore taking on the Ethnic Studies major and Spanish minor. With my degree, I wish to become a Social Worker. In my free time, I enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy and debating with my friends about what the future will be like. Outside of the CCE, I am an RLA and the secretary of RISEUP. Some clubs that I am apart of are the Black Student Union, Alianza, and the Women's Longboarding Club. I joined the CCE last year as a Photographer. This year I have given the task of being an Office Manager. With that, I help manage social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and SmugMug. Let's make this year a year to remember!


Allie Horton '19, Service Corps Environmental Sustainability Program Coordinator

Hi! My name is Allie Horton and I'm from the tiny town of Dodgeville, WI. I'm a senior, majoring in general/choral music education. I'm involved in some awesome things on campus, including SLUG, ORC, intramural soccer, the LARY Buddy program, Deep Listening Club, and CORE. I'm also a member of Cantala and IGLU (Improvisation Group of LU) over in the conservatory. I love being in the sunshine, listening to good music, and saving worms who are stranded on the sidewalk. I'm looking forward to bringing amazing volunteer opportunities to Lawrentians as the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator!


Sonya BreizSonya Breiz '21, Office Manager

Hi! My name is Sonya Breiz and I am from San Francisco, California. I am a sophomore majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I like listening to music, hanging out with friends, and face-timing my family. I am super excited to be working at the CCE as an office manager with a focus on developing service opportunities for first-year students!




Sam Taylor '19, Service Corps Access to the Arts Program Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Sam Taylor. I'm a senior from Madison, Wisconsin pursuing a double major in psychology and music. Aside from classes and ensembles, I am a LARY Buddy and started a new student service organization, Artists Building Bridges in Appleton (ABBA). In my free time, I love jamming with friends, playing board games, and eating my favorite snack, the sacred corn dog. The community can benefit a lot from artists, especially talented and creative Lawrence students like those reading this bio. So let me know how I can help you engage with the community through your passions and crafts!


Sam Parkhurst '20, Office Manager

Hi my name is Samuel Parkhurst and I am a junior from St. Paul, Minnesota. I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Chinese. I like to read a lot of books, play video games, and watch Netflix. On campus, I am a member of the Men's Soccer team and of Sigma Phi Epsilon. At the CCE, I manage the website and facilitate communication between staff members. I am excited to be a part of the CCE staff this year!



Sophie Dion-Kirschner '20, Service Corps Child Advocacy Program Coordinator

Hello!  My name is Sophie and I am thrilled to be returning to the CCE for another year!  Growing up I split time both on a small island in Washington State, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here on campus, I enjoy my research in the biology department, spending time with my LARY Buddy, going on adventures with my friends, and piratey things.  My work in the CCE will be as a mediator between Lawrence and the Appleton community, enhancing Child Advocacy, and coordinating LARY Buddies at Edison Elementary.  Come find me if there’s anything I can do for you!