Explore Welcome Week through the eyes of a new Lawrentian with our 360-degree immersive video playlist! 

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The campus is truly alive during Welcome Week, as new Lawrentians move into residence halls, meet new friends and engage in myriad activities.
As part of the President’s welcome and matriculation handshake in the Memorial Chapel, Chris Card (Vice President for Student Life) introduces new students to the entire campus community.
As part of the President’s welcome and matriculation handshake in the Memorial Chapel, Ken Anselment (Vice President for Enrollment & Communication, and Dean of Admissions) introduces the new class. He greets new Lawrentians who come from all over the world, highlighting their diverse interests, backgrounds and talents.
President Mark Burstein addresses new students and their families before personally welcoming them to campus with the traditional matriculation handshake.  
New students gather on the steps of Memorial Chapel for the traditional class photo and family send-off, where students say farewell to family members before officially diving into the academic year.
Students take Freshman Studies in their first two terms on campus. Each section of the course includes about fifteen students, allowing for close relationships between students and teachers. Because each section uses the same reading list, Freshman Studies also helps students to join in the life of a larger intellectual community, one that now includes generations of Lawrentians.
Freshman Studies is expansive and inclusive. Instead of endorsing a single point of view, the course embraces works from many different traditions. Every division of the curriculum is represented on the syllabus, and recent versions of the course have included works by Plato and Shakespeare, Bishop and Einstein, Borges and Kandinsky, Zhuangzi, Stravinsky and Milgram.
Freshman Studies encourages lively discussion and introduces students to the conventions of academic writing. Students build on these foundations, moving on to more complex forms of argument. Students may be asked to assess the interpretations of earlier scholars or to contrast the treatment of a crucial theme in two very different texts. Through their work in Freshman Studies,  students begin to master the skills needed for success in more advanced courses.
The CORE program helps new students make connections and get oriented with campus resources. Lawrence upperclass students act as guides, and lead new Lawrentians in friendly competitions between CORE groups pursuing the prestigious traveling trophy.
Viking Athletics are an important part of the campus community and Welcome Week. A variety of home games take place across campus throughout the entire week, giving new students the chance to cheer on their home team - Go Vikes!  
The Class Dinner is a long-standing tradition for new students, and sets the table (pun intended) for their Senior Class Dinner before graduation. Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students, welcomes the new class and asks them to reflect on the past week (and their new community).
As part of the traditional Class Dinner, Senior Allie Horton '19 offers advice to the new class, looking back on her time as a Lawrentian and inviting them to look ahead.