Community Advisors

New for the 2019-20 academic year, the RLA position will become the "Community Advisor" or the CA position. With a renewed focus on personal wellness, interpersonal relationships, and community building, the CA position will mirror some aspects - and build on other parts of - the current RLA position.

CAs will work within the residential buildings based on the staff they are assigned to, with the majority of their time focusing on building personal relationships and community within their floors and buildings. CAs get to be at the forefront of helping both new and returning students foster a sense of belonging within their home space while also helping guide the community through role modeling, personal check-in moments, floor/community meetings, and more. Students selected to be CAs will also walk away from the role with an array of skills built for personal and professional use, including but not limited to: team- and consensus-building, mediation and conflict resolution, crisis and emergency response, time management, event planning, and more.

For more information about expectations and outline of the role, the compensation package, as well as how to apply to be a CA, please go to


Residence Life Advisors

**This Role will become the Community Advisor position (see above) starting Fall 2019**  Each residence hall has a staff of sophomore through senior students who serve as residence life advisors (RLAs).  There is at least one RLA per floor in each of the seven main residence halls.  As peer leaders, the RLAs plan activities for their floor and hall to help students become engaged and involved with their hall and the Lawrence community.  RLAs serve as a resource for campus offices, services, policies and procedures to hall residents.  The RLA staff for a hall is supervised by the Residence Hall Director (RHD) for that building.

Residence Life Managers

Each formal group or theme house has a student leader that serves as the residence life manager (RLM) for that facility.  The RLM helps guide social activities in the house and serve as a resource on campus offices, services, policies and procedures to house residents.  The RLM serves as a liaison to a variety of offices and services on campus and works closely with the Campus Life Office staff.

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