Our Mission and Values - Life at a Residential Campus

Mission Statement

The Office of Residential Education & Housing provides a supportive and educational environment to enrich the student living experience by promoting the active development of students through community, education, respect and safety.  


    Value Statements

    Community: We create engaged, inclusive, and interconnected environments through fostering connections and interactions between Lawrentians. 

    Education: We provide students with opportunities to practice critical thinking, ethical decision making and learn life skills by creating an environment for multi-faceted, holistic development. 

    Respect: We foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding, prioritizing consideration and acknowledgement of others by creating an environment in which everyone is valued and supported. 

    Safety: We prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and safety of residents through bridging students to resources, maintaining secure facilities, and responding to concerns with compassionate outreach.

    The Office of Residential Education & Housing is located in Raymond House at 118 S. Lawe Street, and is available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. If you have questions not addressed on our website, please call 920-832-6600 or email us at residential.education@lawrence.edu.

    Who We Are

    The Office of Residential Education & Housing is part of the Division of Student Life.  Residential Education & Housing staff works closely with the 1400 residents on campus and is comprised of student Community Advisors, and professional Area Coordinators, Assistant Director of Residential Education, Assistant Director of Housing Operations, and Director of Residential Education & Housing who are all here to make sure your college experience is the best it can be.  

    Community Advisors are selected and trained upper class students living in the residence halls who have demonstrated leadership capabilities.  The CAs are probably the first Lawrentians you will meet, and they will assist you in getting to know other students and help you begin the adjustment to college life.  They strive to create a positive residential community by being a resource to residents in their academic, social, and emotional needs so that students can establish friendships, feel at home, and find their place on campus.  Through programs and positive modeling, the CA teams work to foster a safe, comfortable, and welcoming community.


    Area Coordinators are full-time professional staff members with college degrees who manage the overall operation of the residence halls and serve as valuable resources on campus. They live and work within the residence halls and are responsible for creating and overseeing programming and activities, while serving as the direct supervisors to the Community Advisors.  They encourage personal-check-in moments and floor/community meetings to address issues and provide building information.  While working closely with the CA team to make sure the student community is running smoothly, Area Coordinators also provide on-going general support, and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.  

    Staff List


    Steph Knoppa

    Director of Residential Education & Housing


    Helena Dulaney

    Assistant Director of Housing Operations



    Assistant Director of Residential Education


    Timothy Bean

    Area Coordinator


    D'Andre Weaver

    Area Coordinator


    Johan Aulwes

    Area Coordinator