Navigating your Lawrence experience means more than just selecting a roommate and going to class.

At Lawrence, the options for housing and involvement are as varied as the students, and when you live where you learn, each building has its own unique personality.

We offer educational programs, leadership opportunities, and a full calendar of social, cultural, and recreational activities for you to engage in with your campus community. To make Lawrence your home, we encourage you to become involved in the community.

Housing Options

Lawrence offers single, double, triple and quad suites, cooperative lofts, and affinity spaces for club and organization participation. All residences include kitchens and lounge spaces. The selection process includes designating preferences for gender-inclusive, gender-specific, or mixed floors.

new student move in with guitar

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming transfer or first-year student, we consider your requests while honoring the mission of what a residential campus intends to teach you as an emerging adult. Community Advisors specific to first-year students are trained to help you find community, answer your questions, and help navigate the campus.

Never shared a room? We can help with communication tools and life skills to smooth the transition. If you are honest with your living style (I'm a night owl / I'm a little messy / I'm very neat / I need quiet at certain hours) we can help connect you with the right living situation to supplement your learning experience.  

Mailing Address

All mail, including packages, is delivered to the Warch Campus Center at the address below. Be sure to include the student-specific SPC mailbox number.  

Students can pick up packages from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Postage stamps may be purchased from the campus mailroom.  

The USPS recommends mail be addressed as follows: 
711 E. BOLDT WAY, SPC [insert SPC here]

Housing Selection The process occurring in Spring term where students complete portal detals and are assigned their lottery numbers. Timelines are specific. Refer to the Important Housing Dates for guidance. Be sure that your student account is paid and does not have a financial hold.
Roommate Groups A Roommate Group is how the housing portal determines roommate pairs for doubles, triples, and quads Use the Housing Portal to manage your Roommate Group Roommate Groups can be modified or deleted after they have been created. For example, you form a roommate group of 4 but don't receive a quad assignment. You can then split your roommate group in two before doubles room selection begins.
Affinity Housing Affinity Housing refers to the buildings, floors or lofts that correspond to particular campus organizations or clubs. Group or club members are not required to live within their affinity spaces, and some affinity groups may be housed together within a specific building, or have specific floors within a general residence hall. Not offered for first year students.
Gender Inclusive Housing Mixed gender residences or floors within residences. Gender Inclusive Housing is different than mixed gender rooms. These terms are better defined within the Housing Portal
Early Arrival Requests Any student requesting to be housed within student residences.prior to the start of the academic term. Students on campus for sponsored campus employment, sports, or research assistance will have their housing dates apply for the duration of that experience. An early housing request may be required for employment or research assistants depending on the situation. Meal service may not be available for early arriving residents.
Summer Housing Students living on campus in a 'rental' rather than 'residential' capacity. Accommodations or allowances may not apply during Summer Housing assignment. Summer Housing has a specific end date. Summer Residents may be required to move from their summer residence to their Fall residence on a specific date. Meal service is available for individual purchase outside of the academic meal plan. Summer residents on campus for Sports will have meals included.
Winter Break Housing Students remaining on campus in their assigned rooms during or after D-Term, and prior to Winter term A housing fee will apply. Housing for students enrolled in D-term is included in the cost of D-Term enrollment. Meal service is included for residents enrolled in D-term. There is no meal service after the conclusion of D-term.
Spring Break Housing Students remaining on campus during the university's published Spring Break No additional housing fees will apply Meal Service is available during Spring Break
Roommate Agreement Required of all students residing on campus, regardless of room assignment. Available for review within the Housing Portal Roommate agreements are required even if you are requesting a single room.