Theme houses are available for groups of students who have a common program which they wish to develop. This program must enhance and augment the liberal arts ideal. Please attend the Group Living Options info session in the spring for more information.

All groups must have a student representative at one of the informational meetings. Applications for Theme Houses will only be available at these meetings. The Theme House Selection Board of LUCC will review all of the applications for theme houses. That board will then decide which themes it feels will add the most to the Lawrence community. The Theme House Selection Board will recommend themes to the LUCC General Council based on the criteria they have created for choosing theme houses and the Residence Life Committee's guidelines. If LUCC approves the Theme House Selection Committee's recommendations, these groups will be awarded theme houses for the following year. The Residence Life Committee has yet to decide which houses will be available for themes this year.

The Residence Life Committee has provided these guidelines on writing theme house proposals to help any groups proposing themes know the basis on which the Theme House Selection Committee make its reccommendations to LUCC. Here they are:

  • Does the theme have a mission statement? New and original is good. The theme should have a purpose or an idea that can sum up the ideal of the theme in a few sentences. The theme house group must decide its purpose, whom it will serve, and what goals it will accomplish while in existence.
  • How does living in a small house support the theme and benefit community? How would the physical space of the small house substantially benefit and help the group fulfill its goals. Please note that this is not a general question. Responses to this question like, "it allows the group better communication," are added benefits to any theme. The response should be uniquely valuable to the theme.
  • How is the theme unique or original? The theme should differ from any other groups/organizations/themes/departments that already exist at Lawrence University. They should provide a service to the community that is not available anywhere else on the Lawrence campus.
  • How will the theme benefit the Lawrence and/or Appleton Community? Rather than generalize about vague ideas the theme plans to do the next year, the theme should show initiative and organization by providing specific group contacts and outlining at least one activity for each term.
  • How will the theme enhance the liberal arts ideal? While this may seem vague and open-ended, it is important for the theme to uphold Lawrence University's mission. For more information, see the Lawrence University course catalog on page 2 and 3.
  • A theme proposal is direct and concise. A theme's proposal should be to the point. Depending on the number of groups that apply, the Theme House Selection Committee has many proposals to read, and long proposals equal arduous reading. It is in the theme's best interest to make it short and sweet.

Theme Houses must, at the bare minimum, do the following:

  • Plan and execute one beneficial activity for Lawrence and/or the Appleton community EACH term involving all members of the house.
  • Submit to the Residence Life Committee of LUCC at least once a term, a description of the previous term's activities.
  • Have a full house at all times during the academic year plus a list of four alternates (per term) who must move in if a vacancy occurs.
  • Student names listed on each application cannot be listed on another group's application.

Please see the housing timeline for further details on when Theme House applications must be turned into the Campus Life Office (Warch Campus Center 4th floor). Applications must include all potential residents' signed Housing Contracts. If the committee does not select your theme to get a house, your Housing Contracts will be available for pick up at the Campus Life Office the next morning, so that the members may participate in room selection.

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