Kohler Hall, built in 1967, is Lawrence University's iconic seven-story tall substance-free residence hall. Every Kohlerite agrees to uphold expectations to keep the space free of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs and signs an agreement written by LUCC, Lawrence University's student government, upon moving in. The diverse mix of freshmen, upperclassmen, college of arts and sciences students, conservatory students, international students, athletes, artists, and more makes for a vibrant community.

Kohler Hall has many traditions that include enjoyment of fall and spring barbeques, participation of LU's annual Trivia Weekend, and hosting of a booth at Ormsby Zoo Days. Past residents have painted murals in the lounges, taken trips to Barlow Planetarium, carved pumpkins on Halloween, and more.

Points of Interest

  • Sinks in every room
  • Smaller floors with a strong sense of floor community
  • Floor plans available - Since all floors are identical in lay-out, we have only posted the second floor (PDF). Just change the first number to match the floor for which you are looking, e.g. 211, 311, etc. First floor is all-gender. Second, fourth and sixth floors are female-designated. Third, fifth and seventh floors are male-designated.