You've likely found this page because you may be studying abroad/off-campus (or residing in a group or small house) for one or more terms next year. Below you will find some information regarding the housing process for study abroad/off-campus (or group or small house) students. If you still have questions about housing options with studying abroad/off-campus, plan to attend the information session (check the timeline for date/time).

Housing Deposit: 

Students studying abroad/off-campus still need to pay the housing deposit if they will have housing on campus for any term next year. If you will be studying off campus for the entire year, you do not need to pay the housing deposit.

Is the deposit prorated for students who aren’t on campus all three terms? It is not. The housing deposit is paid directly towards your housing costs for next year. Therefore, if you’re studying abroad/off-campus Fall Term, your housing costs for Winter Term will be credited the $200. If you plan to attend housing selection in May, you will need to pay the housing deposit before acquiring your housing contract.

Class Registration: 

There has been some confusion regarding class registration, especially from those students studying abroad/off-campus Fall Term. When advance registration opens, you can register for classes for all three terms next year. If you’re studying abroad/off-campus Fall Term, please register for winter and spring terms. This will still count for your class registration and you will be able to obtain your housing contract.

Housing Selection: 

You have three options to acquire housing for next year.

  1. Combination Rule.  For more details about how the combination rule works, please look to our website. There is a link that gives a detailed description of how the combination rule works. We will be posting a list of students who are looking to use the combination rule for housing selection in the upcoming weeks. The combination list will also be found at the above link. If you would like to be added to the combination list, please email the Campus Life Office with the term(s) you will need housing. This list is a voluntary list and you are not added without your consent. Please note that Laura Zuege in Off-Campus Programs cannot provide a list of all students studying abroad. This violates FERPA privacy laws regarding a student’s academic record, so she cannot legally provide you with that information. In order to find students to fulfill the combination rule, please use the combination list, word of mouth, Facebook, etc.
  2. Select at the end of housing.  If you’re unable to find someone who can choose housing with you via the combination rule, you will need to wait until the end of singles or doubles selection to see if there are rooms available. If so, we then open up selection to students who are unable to fill the room all three terms. (If there are no additional rooms left, don’t panic. You are guaranteed housing and our office will work with you to find a room and to keep you with your preferred roommate, whenever possible.)

    (in this order by lottery number at the end of single and double room selection times):
    Students who will be on campus terms I & II only
    Students who will be on campus term I only or terms I & III only
    Students who will be on campus term II only or terms II & III only
    Students who will be on campus term III only
  3. Wait.  After housing selection, be in touch with the Campus Life Office regarding your housing preferences. If you need housing Fall Term, we will be in touch with you via email in late summer (August). If you are studying abroad/off-campus Fall Term and won’t need housing until Winter Term, our office will be in touch with you via email in fall (late October or November). If you will be studying abroad/off-campus Fall Term but have a roommate who will need housing Fall Term, we will be in touch with your roommate to find housing in summer and then will work with both of you in late fall to find you housing for the remainder of the year.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Campus Life Office at