Leave of Absence

Students taking a leave of absence will be guaranteed housing when they return. These students must contact the assistant director of Residential Education and Housing via direct email or the general Residential Education and Housing Office email to arrange for a new housing assignment.

Click here for more detailed information for students planning to study abroad/off-campus or live in a group or small residence for only one or two terms next year.

I am going to be away from campus for a term, or I have selected a housing assignment in a group house and need additional housing in addition to this selection. How does this affect my housing situation?

If you anticipate that you will be away from the Appleton campus for one or more terms during the next academic year, or you have signed up to live in a group or small house for a portion of that year, you can choose housing at the END of single or double room selection (see below). If you fulfill the combination rule, you may select housing through the general lottery according to your lottery number.

(in this order by lottery number at the end of single and double room selection times):
Students who will be on campus terms I & II only
Students who will be on campus term I only or terms I & III only
Students who will be on campus term II only or terms II & III only
Students who will be on campus term III only

Combination List - students who need housing for one or two terms and are looking to combine with others to fulfill a room/space together.


Single rooms are available to students via the lottery selection process. They are selected by the lowest lottery number.

If you wish to have a single room but do not obtain one through housing selection, you may submit your name and preferences on the single room wait list online. Seniority on the single room wait list is determined by lottery number until the end of the academic year. After that date, seniority is still by class, but new names are added to the bottom of each class year's list in order by date. Incoming freshmen cannot be added to the single room wait list. Individuals who do not have lottery numbers will also be added to the bottom of each class year list in order of sign up online.


If you plan to live in a double room, assume that you will have a roommate throughout the academic year. This is true even if your roommate takes a leave of absence, participates in an off-campus study program, or withdraws. Should you end up in a double room alone, you are encouraged to find a roommate of your own choice. You cannot sign up for a double room for all three terms unless you have a roommate for all three terms. Double rooms are selected by the lowest lottery number of the roommate pair.

If you do not have a roommate for the coming year, you are encouraged to attend the Find Your Future Roommate session (check the timeline for date/time). You may also contact the assistant director for Housing for a list of others who are also looking for roommates.

Take time to meet with your prospective roommate(s) before making a final decision. Even if you are planning to room with a close friend, it is worth your time to discuss lifestyle preferences and concerns. If you need assistance with the process of selecting a roommate, please contact your residence hall director.

There is a double room wait list for pairs of students who did not get a double in the hall of their choice. Seniority on the double room wait list is determined by the lowest lottery number of the roommate pair until the end of the academic year. After that date, seniority is still by class, but new names are added to the bottom of each class year's list in order by date. Individuals who do not have lottery numbers will also be added to the bottom of each class year list in order of sign up online.


Suites, quads and triples are selected on the basis of the average of all lottery numbers for all three terms. One representative for each group must be at the Suite, Quad & Triple selection at the appropriate time with signed Housing Contracts of ALL the potential occupants. No suite, quad or triple will be assigned to fewer than four occupants (three for triples) for all three terms. All of the housing needs for ALL parties involved MUST be fulfilled through any type of combination. If using the combination rule for suite/quad/triple selection, please have your combination approved by Residential Education and Housing PRIOR to selection night to ensure it works and is approved.

PLEASE NOTE: 813 E. John #101 (A/B) that has been a suite/quad will be reconfigured as a TRIPLE for 2019-2020 housing selection.



Students wishing to stay in the same room next year will have the option to do so, with the following restrictions:

  • A student in a double must retain the same roommate.
  • No student will be allowed to remain in a double room alone.
  • Students wishing to stay in the same room must be on campus all three terms in order to squat.
  • Students may not squat in Hiett Hall or any small residence (including 300 S. Meade or 813 E. John), or in any suite, quad, or triple.
  • Squatting room assignments are determined by the student's assigned housing in Voyager as of Wednesday, May 8th, 2019. To verify your correct assignment, please log onto Voyager, click on "Personal Information" and click on "View Address(es) and Phone(s)."
  • FAQ: If I'm squatting, can I leave my belongings in my room over the summer? No, you must still move out and check out of your room at the end of Spring Term. Many rooms are accessed over the summer for a variety of reasons, and all rooms need to be empty so they can be cleaned and so proper maintenance procedures can be accomplished during the summer months.

First-years/transfer students

New incoming students (first-years and transfers) for the upcoming academic year do not follow the housing selection process but will be notified of their housing assignment via their Voyager account in late July. For additional information for new students, please click here!

Gender-inclusive housing

In order to provide a range of housing options to our students, gender-inclusive housing is available to continuing students and is part of the regular housing selection process. Gender-inclusive housing can be found in all of Hiett Hall, Brokaw Hall, Big and Small Exec, the 2nd and 3rd floors of Sage Hall, and the first floor of Kohler Hall. Some small residences also have gender-inclusive housing, which is determined by the residents of the house. Gender-inclusive suites are selected during the suite/quad/triple selection process. Gender-inclusive double rooms are selected at double room selection.

Substance-free housing

Kohler Hall, the substance-free hall, is part of the regular single and double room selection process. Students wishing to live in substance-free housing should go to the Kohler Hall table during the appropriate selection sessions once their lottery number is called. Only those students who agree to abide by the substance-free policy will be housed in Kohler Hall. Please do not participate in this room selection if you are not willing to abide by the rules of a substance-free hall. Use of tobacco products, alcohol, or other controlled substances is prohibited in all areas of the hall, both public and private, including student rooms.

Rooming with a Japanese student through Waseda

Our Waseda program will continue this year. Students interested in having a Japenese student roommate should attend the information session (check the timeline for date/time) or contact the Residential Education and Housing Office. Information on the program details, requirements, and roles will be shared, as well as insights from current domestic roommates of Waseda students. Please think about this exciting opportunity to enrich your Lawrence residential experience!

Housing accommodations

Students who have documented disabilities requiring special housing accommodations must make necessary housing arrangements with the Dean of Students office prior to housing selection for best placement availability. Accommodation requests can be submitted throughout the academic year and will be reviewed at any time; however, as the year progresses, room option choices may decrease. Click here for more information.