What You Can Bring

  • alarm clock
  • plastic bucket/carry-all to take your toiletries to and from the shower
  • pictures, posters, and plants to make your room feel like home (poster tack/adhesive putty is recommended for hanging anything on walls - duct tape and masking tape damage the walls, and Scotch tape is hard to remove)
  • clothes hangers
  • bed linens, blankets, pillows (we recommend extra-long sheets)
  • towels
  • backpack or book bag
  • television, stereo, and headphones (so you won't disturb your roommate)
  • small refrigerator (refrigerators larger than 4.5 cubic feet are prohibited)
  • key ring
  • area rug (please note we are unable to store carpeting in our storage facilities due to fire code regulations, so you would need to take it home or make other arrangements for the summer)

What You Don't Need to Bring

The following items are against University policy:

  • hot plate, grill, toaster oven, toaster, space heaters (basically, anything with an open coil is prohibited under fire code and is too dangerous
  • microwaves (they blow fuses), but microwaves are available in each residence hall
  • halogen lamps (too hot, and often dangerous)
  • candles or anything with an open flame (a big fire code no-no)
  • tapestries that hang from the wall or ceiling (another fire code no-no)
  • anything that would require you to remove your window screen (air conditioner, satellite dish, etc.)
  • pets (any type of pet, besides fish, needs to be approved by your floor before it can be brought to campus - see Student Handbook)