Early Arrival Requests

Early arrival requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis for fall 2018. Requests can be submitted via Voyager by navigating to Student Services - Requests for Housing.

Since the residence halls will not be prepared to open for new students until September 4, 2018 and September 8, 2018 for returning students, we are only able to grant early move-in requests that are of an unusual or compelling nature.

Note: Fall sport athletes, RLAs, RLMs, CORE staff, and those in FAI and SIIS do not need to obtain special permission.

Below you will find some common early move-in requests that will not be approved.

    "My parents are out of town during that time period and are unable to help me move-in."
    "I want to be able to get settled and moved into my room earlier."
    "We have made vacation plans for that time period."
    "We can only get the vehicle for that day."
    "It would be much more convenient to move in earlier."
    "One of my friends did it last year."
    "My parents have to work that day."
    "We just want to move my things into the room. I will not be staying."
    "My roommate will already be on campus so I would like to move in early also."

Please note for those rare early arrival exceptions: There is an early arrival housing fee of $25 per day for those whose request for early arrival has been granted. If your requested date is granted, a calculation will be made for the approved housing time period and the amount will be applied to your student account. Please note this fee is for housing only - meal plans begin on September 4 for new students and September 8 for returning students.

If you have questions, email us at campus_life@lawrence.edu.

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